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Purchasing and invoicing

If e‐invoicing is not possible despite best efforts from both Nordea and suppliers, the alternative is an online portal solution. In Visma Proceedo Supplier Portal the supplier types the invoicing details in an online interface to Nordea’s invoicing system. Please contact Nordea via the contact form to receive further instructions.


E-commerce at Nordea refers to the requirements for electronic purchasing and invoicing. Both areas need to be set up efficiently in order for Nordea and our suppliers to achieve the benefits.

Invoice format and content play a vital part in complying with Nordea e-commerce requirements. Suppliers must also be able to specify which technical format they will use for the data communication. As part of the supplier on‐boarding, Nordea will test the integration and expects suppliers to support the testing.

Invoice requirements

All invoicing at Nordea takes place electronically. Suppliers must not send invoices directly to the ordering unit at Nordea.

Invoices must contain a number of details to allow Nordea to pay our bills on time and secure that they can go directly through the invoice process.

Failure to meet Nordea’s invoice requirements may cause a delay of payment or possible rejection of the invoice.

Nordea requirements for invoices:

If the required information is not provided, the invoice may be rejected. If so, Nordea will expect a new corrected invoice from the supplier. The issue date and due date of the new invoice must be altered to reflect the revised date of submission.

Please note that Nordea may have some specific additional invoice requirements. However, this will be communicated to the specific suppliers directly, to reach a common understanding of the invoice process.

Invoice addresses

Online invoicing is the preferred option for sending invoices to Nordea. All invoices should be sent to our accounting unit directly, not to the person who has ordered the goods or services. Below you can find invoicing addresses and e-invoicing numbers.


Nordea invoicing addresses for each country

Please note that invoices to other Nordea subsidiaries must be sent to them directly. Invoices to subsidiaries need to follow the requirements mentioned above and possible subsidiary specific requirements. All requests and inquiries must be directed to the relevant contacts within the Nordea subsidiary which can be found on their websites.

Any incorrectly issued invoices will require credit notes and new invoices with correct addresses. This can cause delays in payments. If you cannot find the correct e‐invoice address, please contact us.


Nordea Bank Abp has authorised Transparent Solutions B.V. to perform an audit of the accounts payable operations of Nordea Bank Abp and its affiliates. For the purpose of this audit, Transparent Solutions B.V. will requests invoices statements from multiple Nordea suppliers.