Payment Factory

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Let’s shape your payment processes together for increased control

The current payments landscape is changing, with enabling factors such as the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) scheme and the increased use of sophisticated technology such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. In this ever-changing environment where real-time payments are becoming a reality, your corporate needs to consider how to be fit for the future.

This might mean you need to centralise certain aspects of your payment and collection processes and ways of working; or you might be looking into implementing a full payment factory. In all cases Nordea has the expertise to advise you on building a payment and collection set up that is scalable and flexible, suitable for your purposes.

The right foundation that supports your daily activities

The structure of payments factories will vary depending on your existing payment setup and future cash management strategy; and will enable you to centralise either your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes—or both—depending on your company size and requirements. As this is not a “one size fits all” solution, we will guide you to reach a streamlined approach, whether you are starting from a decentralised position - all the way to achieving the desired degree of centralisation on processes, systems and organisations.

This means that with our advisory knowledge, we can support your company to achieve:

  • Secure and stable bank connections to build your payment factories
  • Smooth and speedy payment processes, with a large geographical coverage
  • Optimised account and ledgers reconciliation in ERP and TMS systems
  • Enhanced visibility and liquidity across all cash positions, based on harmonised processes

Nordea's solutions can help enable you to:

• Reach harmonisation of processes and cost-savings through centralisation, standardisation and control

• Improve payment services equipped for digitalisation and scaling your entire group

• Improve efficiency in administration, payment processes and analytics

• Achieve simplicity in processes and execution, increasing control and reducing risks and system-related costs

We are here to help you get started

For more information, please contact your Nordea Cash Management Advisor.