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Remuneration to CEO

The CEO receives annual remuneration in accordance with the Remuneration Policy, which consists of fixed salary, pension , insurance and benefits, short- and long-term incentives.  The remuneration components are described in the table below:

Fixed salary
Reviewed annually by the Board Remuneration and People Committee and approved by the Board of Directors
Amount to 1,514,076 EUR annually effective 1 January 2024
Pension provision is in accordance with local laws, regulations and market practice
Maximum 30% of fixed salary on defined contribution plans
Short-term incentive
The maximum STIP award is 75% of fixed salary
1-year performance period based on the achievement of financial and non-financial KPIs at group, business area/ group function and at individual level
STIP awards are determined by the Board of Directors at the end of performance period by assessing performance against pre-defined KPIs and by further considering holistic performance
60% of the STIP awards is subject to deferral, retention and delivery in instruments considering regulatory requirements
Long-term incentive
3-year performance period
Conditional shares granted for the 2021-2023, 2022-2024, 2023-2025 and 2024-2026 performance years respectively
Subject to deferral and retention in line with regulatory requirements
Delivered in shares
Shareholding requirement
A significant number of shares granted from LTIP should be held until the total value of the shareholding in Nordea in total corresponds to 100% of the gross annual fixed salary. Such shares must be held until the end of the GLT membership.
Company car 
Insurances, incl. private medical insurance life insurance, personal accident insurance, customary directors’ and officers’ liability coverage
Mobile phone, broadband connection and newspaper subscription
Housing, security and tax advice
Termination terms
12 months' notice from the CEO and from Nordea
Severance payment of maximum 12 months
Non-competition clause of 12 months applies following the ending of employment

For more information about remuneration paid to the CEO in 2023, please refer to note G8 of Nordea's Annual Report, or Disclosures.