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Grow with us

We value all perspectives, celebrate our differences and work everyday to drive positive change.


Diversity, passion and dedication

Every day, Nordea employees provide essential services to our customers and societies. Our employees have a broad perspective, helping us to better serve our diverse customer base. Our employees come from all over the world, have different professional backgrounds and speak around 60 different languages. We value all perspectives, celebrate our differences and work every day to drive positive change. Indeed, we are constantly developing our people processes, including recruitment and talent management, to ensure equal opportunities and inclusion.

Guided by our principles

To guide us as leaders we have created Leadership principles. These principles guide you in your everyday work as a leader. With them, our employees will know what they can expect from you and also where they can turn to for support and guidance to develop in their working lives.

What they are used for: 

  • to make it easier for leaders to deliver on their roles
  • creates a shared language and understanding of what leadership is at Nordea
  • guides behaviors and actions
  • helps identify goals to reach full potential

Our leadership principles

The leadership programmes

These programmes are role-based leadership journeys with a focus on developing foundational leadership skills and integrating these with transformational leadership tools.

People Leaders

  • Set direction and build purpose.
  • Empower and follow up.
  • Develop team members.
  • Evaluate and leverage performance.
  • Select team members and build the team.

Leader of Leaders

  • Translate strategy into operating plans and drive execution.
  • Develop leaders.
  • Evaluate and leverage the performance of leaders.
  • Leading across the organisation.
  • Select leaders and build the organisation.

Senior Leaders

  • Develop and execute strategy
  • Be a full member of the business team.
  • Develop and hold leaders accountable.
  • Select leaders and build the organisation.
  • Take ownership of developing talent.

Knowledge Leaders

  • Organisational depth and breadth: Significant depth of knowledge and broad understanding of the value chain.
  • Communication: Influencing without full authority.
  • Result orientation: Delivering results through others.
  • Domain of expertise: Leading the domain of expertise.

Christoffer, expert digital analytics specialist

I'm proud to have been make responsible for vast amounts of data - a sign of the trust placed in me as an expert. 

Mattias, Head of AI hub

Movement make you grow - I know, I've been lots of things, from CFO to new tech advocate. Nordea is full of people that you can learn from, if you just have an open mind, reach out and listen.