Welcome to Finland

When in Finland, you might hear about sisu. It’s a state of mind and an attitude that means strength and perseverance in something that might be crazy to undertake for others. Finns are also known for consuming the most coffee per capita in the world. Can you spot these traits among our colleagues located in Finland?  

In the heart of Helsinki you’ll find our headquarter, but as Finland is one of our home markets, we also have many branches and contact centres spread across the country supporting our customers anytime, anywhere. Curious to see what our offices look like?

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Sustainable offices in Finland

Think Green

The climate is important to us at Nordea. We constantly try to minimise our impact in various ways and our ambition is to become even more sustainable. Think Green is an initiative that brings together all our sustainable workplace practices and projects. Working at Nordea, you are encouraged to get involved and do your part for the environment. 

Together, we can make a difference.

Finland in numbers

A modern, innovative and future-proof workplace 

Activity-based working is an integral part of Nordea's workplace culture for employees based in head offices and for some based in branches. Activity-based work means the freedom to choose where and how to work depending on the task at hand. It also means there are no fixed desks and our people are empowered to make their own decisions on how to approach their work each day.

This way of working enables increased collaboration, knowledge sharing and social interaction with colleagues. It also supports Nordea's transition to working agile. Additionally, it  allows us to optimise the use of space, which reduces cost as well as our environmental footprint.

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