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Meet our people

You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the business and worldwide – people from all kinds of backgrounds and with diverse experience. Our different personalities and ideas make us stronger. Whatever your role may be, or become, you will experience that even though we are vastly different, we all come together around living the same values. 

 Stay tuned and meet some of our people!

Meet Lea

“Nordea is a place full of opportunities - I have definitely experienced it myself” 

I see Nordea as an organisation full of opportunities, whether you want to work directly with customers, develop IT or become a leader. We have a strong feedback culture that empowers and encourages you to get the most out of your competences and utilise your skills. Nordea is also a social working place. You can always find someone or a group with the same interests as you. People are always open here.

At Nordea we talk about bringing your heart to work. What does that mean to you?

I feel lucky to have a job where I interact with so many people from different cultures and with a wide range of skillsets, which inspires and challenges me to see things in a new way. This environment boost my energy and fosters my creativity. 

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Meet Brandon

“We bring a lot of energy to work and a lot of competencies into the game”

I would describe the people at Nordea as dedicated. They are dedicated to their profession, each other and our customers. My colleagues always approach a problem with their full intellectual capacity and take on any challenge that comes their way. 


How would you describe the learning and growing environment at Nordea?

There are so many open doors. We have a very large presence in the Nordic region and we cover so many areas in financial services that we are, by definition, always changing. This means that there are opportunities across the company, and within the same position, to experience this exciting change to keep up with customer expectations, changes in regulations, competitive dynamics and technology.

Sounds like a great place to work, right? Be sure to look at our vacant positions and become our next great colleague.

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