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Our culture


We come together around values

At the heart of everything we do is our four values; collaboration, ownership, passion and courage. They help us transform. 

We imagine that you – just as much as we do –  enjoy learning and are excited about bringing your ideas forward. You’re dependable, willing to speak up – even when it’s difficult, and committed to empowering your colleagues.

A culture that fosters performance and growth

We in Nordea believe that everyone has talent, and with us, you’ll discover the space to be you in an environment where you can perform at your best and reach your aspirations. 

At the start of each year, you set meaningful goals together with your leader based on what you want to achieve and how you will contribute to Nordea’s strategy. You discuss your dreams and aspirations for the future, and plan what development will get you there.

When we take ownership and drive our development, we also invest in our performance and become better equipped to reach our goals. That is why we want everyone to have a development plan. No matter if you want to continue to grow in your current role, take on new responsibilities or find your next step - you have a wealth of opportunities to evolve and the expert support of leaders and colleagues. 

Through an ongoing feedback culture and coaching conversations, you provide and collect feedback from your leader, colleagues and customers during the year. 

At the end of the year, you take the time to reflect on your achievements, contributions and development so you can reach your full performance and potential.

Hybrid working model

We want to be a workplace-based company, as we believe in the value of bringing people together. 

When we meet face to face, it brings energy to our workday – we are more creative and we collaborate more easily within our teams and across units.

At the same time, we treasure flexibility; both towards our customers and in the way we work. Therefore, when possible and depending on our roles and our teams, we will support up to two days of remote working per week. This is what we call a hybrid working model.

The model we are introducing will help us move towards a new normal: teaming up in the office but also having the flexibility to do focused tasks from home and manage our work/life balance.

We’re for people who want to move forward

When working at Nordea, you come as you are. We believe that great minds don’t all think alike and that every perspective is valuable in the journey towards something better – for yourself, your colleagues, customers, shareholders and society at large. When joining Nordea, you will become part of our team of 28,000 colleagues. A great mosaic of highly skilled people who everyday work to do what’s right and to enable positive change. We’re passionate about serving our customers and dedicated to maintaining an inspiring and welcoming environment for our colleagues and partners. Because Nordea is ultimately all about making tomorrow a little better than today. That’s the Nordic idea we’re built upon. We call it “The idea of something better”. Come join us on that journey.

When I think about our purpose and values...

I think of them in relation to the main reason we go to work every day – and that is the customer. I feel proud when I see examples of how we manage to create stronger communication and greater collaboration with our customers by living our values. The fact is, our values are a result of us. We made them together.

Kirsten, Business Analyst
Mona, Business Developer
I want to know what people think how else will I grow and learn?

It takes courage to ask for feedback and it takes ownership to give and act on it. Prior to my latest development dialogue with my leader, I requested feedback from one person in my team and several others outside my unit that I collaborate with on projects. I think this way of working with feedback makes the dialogue more meaningful and probably more accurate.

Listen to Per

What do our values really mean to us? Hear Per talk about Courage

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