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We offer exciting career opportunities within technology, IT, operations, banking, finance, HR, audit, legal, compliance and risk and we’re ready to welcome you.


At Operations we provide high-quality banking services to support the business units in the Nordics. We prevent money laundering, develop robotics process automation solutions and support back-office processes.

A key driver for our success is customer satisfaction achieved by providing the highest quality and greatest efficiency in our daily work. We serve all customer segments and have a broad cooperation with stakeholders across Nordea.

Our offices are located in Łódź.


Our IT experts in Poland are part of the Nordic teams and provide comprehensive IT services to maintain and develop technical platforms and systems for the Nordic customers and business units. We use a broad spectrum of technologies like Java, Python, C#, .Net, Big Data and Teradata, to name a few. 

With high technical competences and a deep understanding of banking, we support the development of state-of-the-art solutions, both for private and corporate customers.

Our offices are located in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Warsaw.

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A modern, innovative and future-proof workplace

Activity-based working is an integral part of Nordea's workplace culture for employees based in head offices and for some based in branches. Activity-based work means the freedom to choose where and how to work depending on the task at hand. It also means there are no fixed desks and our people are empowered to make their own decisions on how to approach their work each day.

This way of working enables increased collaboration, knowledge sharing and social interaction with colleagues. It also supports Nordea's transition to working agile. Additionally, it  allows us to optimise the use of space, which reduces cost as well as our environmental footprint.