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Sustainable funding

Nordea is on a significant change journey to integrate sustainability in all group functions and business areas. Promoting businesses and innovations with sustainable solutions of energy and infrastructure is a priority in our investment and lending policies and guidelines. The Nordea Green Bond and Sustainable-linked loan funding framework represent a further step in our effort to incorporate environmental considerations in our core operations. 

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SLL bonds

Sustainability-linked loan funding framework

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Some of our milestones



Sustainable financing facilitation 2022-2025


the share of net-zero committed AuM by 2050


reduction in emissions across investment and lending portfolios by 2030

Sustainability-linked loan funding framework


The “SLL funding framework” will allow Nordea Bank Abp to issue funding/bonds with a reference to the impact of the sustainability-linked loans (SLLs) on Nordea’s balance sheet in a use-of-proceeds (UOP) format. The Nordea SLL framework is unique being both sustainability-linked and use of proceeds (UOP). Nordea has obtained an external review from ISS.


Green bonds


The Nordea green funding framework is consistent with the green bond principles as formulated by the international capital market association. Nordea has obtained a second party opinion from ISS ESG on the Nordea green funding framework and green bond assets.


Deposits with climate focus

Deposit with climate focus is a term deposit, where funds are held for a fixed tenor and where an equivalent amount is intended to be invested and reinvested in the green bond asset categories according to the Nordea green funding framework.

We would like to address corporates looking for inclusion of a sustainability agenda into their cash management activities. We provide our clients with a platform to invest their surplus cash balances in a way that contributes to  eligible environmental projects within renewable energy, clean transportation, pollution prevention and control, green building, sustainable water, wastewater management, and others.

Deposits with climate focus ...

...are offered to eligible corporates in Norway and Sweden 

...are offered in the local currency, i.e. SEK and NOK

... have available tenors of 31-180 days


Contact details

Maria Caneman                                                                 Petra Mellor

Head of Debt IR and ratings                                                                                              Head of Bank Debt, Long Term Funding

Tel: +46 10 156 5019                                                                                                         Tel: +46 8 407 9124

Email: maria.caneman [at]                                                                               Email: petra.mellor [at]