25-03-2022 08:48

A safe start in Sweden – Nordea part of broad collaboration for refugees from Ukraine

The initiative A safe start in Sweden has been launched to assist those fleeing from Ukraine to Sweden. Nordea is one of the organisations behind this initiative.
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The Skill Shift Initiative (Beredskapslyftet), Save the Children (Rädda Barnen) and City Mission (Stadsmissionen) have come together in a joint project with Airbnb.org and businesses to help as many people from Ukraine as possible to get a safe first place to stay in Sweden. 

“Collaboration is a key factor to be able to quickly help as many as possible. In this acute situation there is a high risk that refugee families are forced to stay in less safe accommodation. There are also risks with initiatives that lack safe systems for those who receive the people fleeing Ukraine. A safe start in Sweden can make a huge difference. We’re gathering those who want to help and those who need help. And at the same time we’re creating solutions that are as safe as possible,” says Helena Thybell, Secretary General of Save the Children.

How it works

Through Airbnb.org, private individuals and businesses can make parts of their houses and flats available in a safe and quick manner. Save the Children is responsible for matching families in need with accommodation, and together with City Mission also for volunteers who can support with contact to public authorities and practical questions. Via the Skill Shift Initiative, A safe start in Sweden is also mobilising interest from employees at Swedish businesses who want to offer accommodation and support as volunteers.

We know that there is a lot of interest in helping in different ways and Nordea Sweden’s employees now get the possibility to volunteer within A safe start in Sweden.

“This is a time for collaboration and broad-based support from both businesses and the public sector, and it feels obvious that Nordea is part of this initiative. Now we’re joining up, together, to contribute to a safer start in Sweden for more people”, says Martin A Persson, Branch Manager of Nordea in Sweden.

A safe start in Sweden

Information will initially be provided to more than 100,000 employees at around 30 companies in Sweden and complement the work done by for example the Swedish Migration Agency, municipalities and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Adding background checks, intensive training and volunteers creates a safer process for all.

What does a safe start in Sweden offer?

  • Safe temporary accommodation for refugees from Ukraine during their initial period in Sweden.
  • Practical support and help with contact to public authorities for refugees.
  • A simple and safe way to contribute with accommodation to refugees from Ukraine.


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