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15-11-2021 14:21

Filling short-term financing needs the green way

Nordea's green securities finance loans are an attractive source of cheap, short-term capital for green projects that can complement longer-term green financing structures companies may have.
Aerial view of windmills in summer forest in Finland
Mark Kandborg, Deputy Head of Large Corporates & Institutions

As sustainability climbs corporate agendas, companies now have a new way to obtain cheap, short-term financing that’s also green.

For many years, Nordea’s Securities Finance team has provided financing for clients that have a portfolio of liquid assets. The assets, which could include stocks, bonds or other listed securities, are used as collateral in exchange for cheap, short-term capital.

Now, Nordea has added a green angle to that offering. If a customer needs financing for a green project, the company can use the securities finance framework to obtain a loan that’s specifically labelled green.

“We’re excited to expand Nordea’s offering to meet companies’ growing interest in sustainable finance and to help support their transition to a sustainable future,” says Mark Kandborg, Deputy Head of Large Corporates & Institutions at Nordea. “Green securities finance loans provide a good short-term complement to the other long-term green financing structures clients may have.”

The setup includes a flexible collateral schedule and short maturity, financing clients’ liquidity needs for up to one year. That flexible and capital-light structure allows for highly competitive pricing and a low administrative burden.

The green feature of the loan aligns the lending with environmental objectives, helping customers communicate their sustainability investments and progress.

What makes it ‘green’?

Securities Finance set out to offer clients a fully green loan facility over a year ago, in collaboration with Nordea’s Group Sustainability. Together, they found a way to tap into Nordea’s Green Bond Framework.

If a company is seeking financing for a green project, it provides Nordea with documentation for the project. Securities Finance, together with Group Sustainability, then determines if the project falls under one of the six categories laid out in Nordea’s Green Bond Framework, which include, for example, renewable energy, green buildings and clean transportation.

“We want to have a perfect match with the Green Bond Framework and meet our requirements to our bond investors,” says Emmelie Nisses, Head of Securities Finance Business and Development. “We want to be 100% sure that what we’re tagging green is green.”

If the project is a match, the green loan is facilitated under the Securities Finance product agreement and tagged to the Nordea Green Bond Asset Portfolio. Under one agreement, the customer can select when to draw green financing for the green investment and when to draw regular financing for general corporate purposes.

We want to be 100% sure that what we’re tagging green is green.

Emmelie Nisses, Head of Securities Finance Business and Development

Suitable for companies of all sizes

While large corporates can initiate their own green bonds and access sustainable financing through that channel, the latest offering is an attractive supplement to such long-term structures, addressing short-term financing needs.

For mid-size companies that don’t have the administrative machinery to issue a green bond, green securities finance loans can help fill the gap.

The Nordea team recently provided the first green securities finance loan to a Swedish mid-sized corporate, supporting its investments in waste management and recycling.

“For that customer, it was important to be able to obtain a pure green financing product for their green investment and to be part of the transition to a more sustainable future,” Nisses says, adding:

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer clients this option. This is just the start of the journey.”

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