Gaining insight to Investment Banking – having a blast professionally and socially

09-08-2023 10:27

(NO #4) Time flies when you’re busy learning and having fun – like we are as summer interns in LC&I Norway. In our fourth blog in a series, we share some of the highlights from the last couple of weeks of our internship, rotating between various LC&I units – and this time to Investment Banking doing analyses, IPO pitches, valuations, book building, and much more.

By Mina Linnestad

We’ll kick off telling about our work and various projects in Investment Banking; in Debt Capital Markets and Corporate Finance, respectively, before letting you in on the more social and festive parts.

Tom and Mina in Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

For two weeks, we, Tom and me, have been working in the DCM team, conducting a credit analysis on a company each. The credit analysis process involved meticulous study of financial statements, industry research, and comprehensive risk analysis. By leveraging cutting-edge financial tools and databases, we were able to enhance the precision and scope of our evaluations, ensuring that our findings were well-informed and solid.

Furthermore, we were asked to do a pitch and explain in which area we thought the bonds would price. This was followed by a Q&A session with the entire DCM team, quizzing our work. Luckily, we did okay.

All along, we have also taken part in high yield morning meetings, and were also looped on some live deals. This included participating in a book building process with the Fixed Income Sales team. Altogether, the experience has been very invaluable in understanding the value chain, and we both found the project to be highly engaging and enjoyable.

Sondre, Sania and Mina rotate into Corporate Finance

Two weeks later, it was time for our first rotation. Sondre has stepped into Investment Banking together with Mina, now in Corporate Finance while Kristoffer is in the Equity Research team. We have worked on a potential project for a client, and along the way gotten quite skilled in PowerPoint. The project included a deep dive into the business model of the company, peer comparison, valuation and strategic opportunities.

Additionally, we have listened in on the equities morning meetings, and also had the great opportunity to join a live IPO pitch.

In summary, the last eventful weeks have offered lots of reading, many calls, collaboration, learnings with a lot of coffee and takeaway - and donuts!

Left: Ole, Sania and Tom.

Friendship and summer party

During our time here, we, interns have become good friends. We have come to enjoy hanging out together and try to meet up as much as possible e.g. for lunch, coffee breaks and after-work socialising, checking-in and catching up on our different projects and happenings in general.

Thursday marked a social highlight of the week, as we attended the annual Markets and LC&I summer party in Oslo.

Getting ready for LC&I summer party in Oslo. Left: Sania, Ole Martin, Tom Olav and Sondre.

The summer party was a blast, with nice food, drinks, and plenty of mingling and laughter, making it a really enjoyable evening. Getting the opportunity to socialise with colleagues from various departments on a festive occasion was fantastic. To top it off, we also celebrated the successful completion of the first two weeks of our internship.

Moving fast forward – in step with the ‘normal’ pace in LC&I – to the third week; the weekly Summer Academy session was back on the schedule, and this time, we had the opportunity to hear from the Fixed Income value chain, both DCM and trading. Afterwards, we all went out for drinks and had a fun time singing along to old tunes in a bar.

To summarize, we’re having a great time here as summer interns, both professionally and socially. So, needless to say, an internship here in LC&I Norway comes highly recommend - and now is your chance to try it out! Apply before 20 August 2023 - see below. 

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Watch this space for the next blog from our interns in Markets, LC&I Norway with insight to trading, bonds and much more. Meanwhile, check out the previous blog from our interns in Norway and other blogs from interns and LC&I people in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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