04-11-2022 11:19

Hans Dalborg, former Chair of Nordea, has passed away

Hans Dalborg, one of the founding creators of Nordea and former Chair of the Nordea Board of Directors, has passed away at 81 years of age. He is most remembered for his innovative vision of creating Nordea, his exceptional leadership skills, cultural awareness, and down-to-earth manner.

Hans Dalborg was a man with a vision. He led the cross-border mergers between the four Nordic banks – Merita Bank in Finland, Nordbanken in Sweden, Unibank in Denmark and Christiania Bank and Kreditkasse in Norway – to create Nordea.

His personal leadership skills and ability to build bridges across the Nordic borders was an important asset in convincing people about the advantages of the mergers. He also had a genuine interest to understand the different cultures and languages across the Nordics. Hans Dalborg’s vision has transformed Nordea into one of Europe’s strongest and most profitable banks.

Hans Dalborg, 1941 - 2022

Hans Dalborg's vision for Nordea

Sharing and exchanging Nordic Ideas

Instilling enthusiasm among employees sharing the experience of an exciting journey together

Building on a Nordic heritage of quality and innovation

Taking part in the integration of a region that is a growth area in Europe

Hans Dalborg was the bank’s first CEO, and was in that position until the end of 2000 when he became Vice Chair of the Board in early 2001. He served as Nordea’s Chair of the Board of Directors from 2002-2011. After stepping down he was appointed honorary Chair of the Board.

Hans Dalborg’s vision transformed Nordea into one of Europe's strongest and most profitable banks.

In 2014 he published the book The Beautiful Burden of Responsibility – My Years with Nordea (Ansvarets sköna börda – Mina år med Nordea), detailing his unique overview of twenty years in the banking industry. In the book he describes his observations about leadership, meeting culture, merger processes and board work.

During his time as a student in the 1960s, Hans Dalborg wrote the lyrics to the well-known Swedish drinking song ‘More schnapps’ (Mera brännvin i glasen or Brännvinsinternationalen), which is sung to the melody of the battle song ‘The Internationale’.

”Skål!” Hans Dalborg. Thank you for everything and farewell.  

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