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“Hooked from the moment I entered the trading floor” – meet Shehip, FX developer

02-12-2021 09:00

Why isn't a bank a more common first choice to work for a software developer? Shehip, one of our developers in Markets, is puzzled since he enjoys working at Nordea and takes pride in getting a lot of responsibility and opportunities to grow and thrive. He recommends developers to join him - see why in this video.

Shehip Ramadani (25), Bachelor of Engineering(BEng) degree in Computer Engineering from DTU, has worked at Nordea Markets for almost three years. He started as intern, then in a student position, and he’s now fully employed as FX software developer in Markets e-Trading. Shehip REALLY enjoys playing Counter Strike, which actually paved way for a full time position in Markets e-Trading where he’s thriving, socially and professionally.

See why in this video (3 min.) where Shehip gives insight to his varied work tasks as software developer in Markets. Hear about his career journey, a valuable Counter Strike network, table football matches and feeling part of a cool culture. Have a look and see what makes Markets a great place to work as a developer like Shehip. For complimentary details, read Shehip’s blog below. Also, we are looking for developers, you can find the three different job profiles and application deadline at the very end. Enjoy!

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I was hooked from day one

When I first applied for a position at Nordea, I did not know much about markets in general. I just knew that I wanted to learn more about the business and join a big company. A lot of my friends from university joined tech companies, but I knew that I wanted to do something different. I wanted a job where I could develop and get a lot of responsibility in a very interesting market. I was hooked from the moment I stepped into the Nordea Markets trading floor in Copenhagen – and I’m still hooked.

Developers play an essential role in the bank

In my experience most people don’t associate big banks like Nordea with developers. In reality developers play an essential role in moving towards more digitalization and automation. In my team, we work on Nordea’s new digital FX solutions. Our solutions help automating a lot of processes for our customers and for Nordea, to the benefit of all parties, being more efficient and saving everyone a lot of time.

No bubbles – on the contrary

We work in a very agile way, where we typically have two week sprints. As developers, we are not put in our own little bubble and have no say – on the contrary. We work in close collaboration with our sales department, customers and other stakeholders in regards to what tasks to work on, products to develop etc. By having this close collaboration, we ensure we are up to speed on customers’ needs and wants. This also means that each day is different from the previous one, and that suits me well, like I enjoy taking ownership and getting responsibility.

Highly diverse and professional environment

One of the best things about working at Markets is the diversity. In e-Trading, we have people from all over the world with different backgrounds and nationalities. Having such a diverse group of people allows everyone to be who they are. The environment is professional and everyone’s opinion matter. What I experience every day, is that there is room for all kinds of people. The only thing that really matters is your skillset and what you bring to the table. I think that is an amazing thing.

Nordea has allowed me to develop at a very good pace, and I look forward to continue growing here at Nordea.

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