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Learn why Viktor joined the Nordea Graduate Programme

16-02-2023 13:33

Meet Viktor Hastrup, a 26-year-old Business Analyst in the Asset & Wealth Management Chief Operating Officer (COO) Office in Copenhagen. He graduated in the summer of 2022 with a Master’s degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School.

by Viktor Hastrup

Hi Viktor. Time flies and you have now been in the graduate programme for almost 6 months! Could you tell us why you chose to apply for the Nordea graduate programme?

I applied to the programme as a chance to join the leading bank in the Nordics with a strong, well-known brand. I perceived it as a golden opportunity to explore my professional interests, invest in my personal development, grow my knowledge and capability toolbox and finally, expand my network by meeting ambitious, like-minded peers.

What do you like most about your current role and the programme?

I am greatly motivated and challenged by the variety of tasks and responsibilities in my role. The position encompasses multiple dimensions such as analysis and contribution on projects of high strategic importance, interaction with a wide range of stakeholders – including senior leaders – while offering insight into the operational dimension of the Asset & Wealth Management business.

As for the graduate programme, I appreciate that I am regarded and treated as an investment and an future asset for the bank, which is reflected in the many opportunities I and my fellow graduates are presented with. Additionally, I have found great value in the built-in network of the programme, which drives knowledge sharing and gives me a better understanding of the extended Nordea organisation.

How do you find the working environment, culture and your colleagues?

As a graduate, I have been met with unconditional support on my personal learning and development journey. This has is in part been facilitated by my leader and the working environment, which in my experience has been defined by openness, encouragement and freedom under the premise of personal responsibility and proactivity.

Could you share some positive surprises and valuable challenges you have had since you started?

The seamless integration into the team and the general interest from people around the organisation has been such a positive experience for me. In terms of challenges as a graduate, you need to take an active role in setting the bar for what you’d like to achieve. I have been encouraged to take on responsibility and have personally aimed at expanding my comfort zone as much as possible by engaging with new and ambitious opportunities as they have been offered to me.   

What is your best advice for others that want to join the graduate programme and Nordea?

I recommend joining the Nordea graduate programme if you want a unique opportunity to explore your professional passions and interests within finance and banking. It is a chance to jumpstart a personal journey and become an integral and valuable asset of an reputable financial powerhouse, while unlocking exciting future opportunities.

Once accepted to the programme, my advice would be to stay curious, apply yourself in the team and strive to add value by establishing a footprint – in my experience this comes by showing proactivity and meticulousness. Lastly, invest in your graduate network, as this makes the experience more fun, and it can really help you in your future career.

The programme is designed to give our graduates business knowledge with focus on both personal and professional development. Could you give us some examples from your own experience?

The program enables my personal development through specialised webinars and workshops on key topics, such as self-awareness and feedback. In terms of professional development I would highlight the focus on mentorship and the rotations, where we get to deep dive and learn about the bank and the business by taking on different roles across the organisation.  

We are currently accepting applications for the 2023 Graduate Programme. Check out our Graduate Vacant Positions and apply before the end of February!

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