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08-03-2022 13:30

Nordea ranked high in gender diversity study

According to the annual European gender diversity study, the number of women in executive positions continues to grow. In one gender diversity comparison, Nordea is ranked 2nd in the Nordics and 8th in Europe. Corporate social responsibility is part of our daily business operations, and we have also integrated gender balance targets into our executive remuneration.

In its Europe-wide study, Boston Consulting Group ranked the 50 largest European banks listed on the stock exchange in terms of a balanced representation of genders and the equality of remuneration in executive positions. Nordea was ranked 2nd among Nordic financial sector companies

Sara Mella, Head of Personal Banking.

“It's gratifying to see that Nordea succeeds and is acknowledged in gender diversity studies conducted in the financial sector. We at Nordea consider it important that gender diversity is embedded in our corporate culture and in society at large. We feel it is important to address unconscious attitudes and biases at an early stage so that all of us have equal rights and opportunities for success,” says Sara Mella, Head of Personal Banking at Nordea. 

Gender balance in executive management is part of Nordea’s corporate social responsibility targets and remuneration criteria. Nordea has integrated gender balance into its sustainability targets and as a criterion of executive remuneration.

Nina Arkilahti, Head of Business Banking.

Nordea announced at its Capital Markets Day that one of its corporate social responsibility targets is to ensure that both men and women have at least 40% representation at the top three leadership levels combined by 2025.

Two of Nordea’s four business areas are led by women and the share of women in leadership has increased.

“The financial sector has for a long time been perceived as a male dominated sector, but we have worked hard for several years to ensure a balanced gender distribution as regards both employees and the management. Nordea is one of the forerunners and stands out among large companies,” says Nina Arkilahti, Head of Business Banking at Nordea.

Chief People Officer Christina Gadeberg.

“We work in a strategic way to increase the diversity at Nordea, and gender balance is an important factor. We have a shared ownership to become even more inclusive and I am proud over our achievements, yet humble to the fact that we still have a lot of work in front of us and that must keep focus if we want to develop even more,” says Chief People Officer Christina Gadeberg.