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20-06-2022 15:43

Nordea rated as great digital performer in Europe

New digital rating from well-established rating company D-rating, label Nordea as “Great performer” in Europe, this within strong digital performance in retail banking. In Sweden we get the label “Best performer”.
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"Nordea is a highly digital bank, with a broad offer accessible both on its mobile app and on the website without any real weaknesses and with superior performances on innovative features such as personalisation and appointment scheduling for example," says Maria Hdid, senior analyst specialised in the Nordic region at D-Rating.

This new Digital Labels D-rating launched 2022 enables the winners to communicate more widely on their digital performance, they are intended to encourage retail banks to improve their performance in terms of digital banking.

Sara Mella, head of Personal Banking.

"We are very pleased to be recognised by D-Rating for our digital performance, it rewards the hard work done by our people and the investments done to improve our digital value proposition for our customers.  Providing household customers with easy and convenient everyday banking and sound advice have been our goal. We worked hard to offer an omnichannel model to our customers which truly combines the best of our digital services and competent advisory, and this rating is a proof for us that we’re on the right path to confirm our spot as the digital leader in the Nordics” says Nordea Head of Personal Banking Sara Mella.

Stand out for how customers can book a meeting

At the end of its 5th digital performance rating campaign, carried out based on data collected between October and December 2021, D-Rating distinguishes Nordea among the "Great performers" in Europe with a BBB+ rating, which also makes it the "Best performer" in Sweden.

Nordea stands out in particular for its remote appointment booking service, which is highly successful. More generally, Nordea's real strength lies in the breadth of its offer and the digital access to it. Finally, its customer customisation features on the web and the application outperform the Swedish market.

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