Card reader with cable

Logon with card reader with cable

To use card reader with cable customer needs to have following items, all provided from Nordea:

  • a chip card (Nordea eID or e-legitimation)
  • and a valid PIN for the card
  • a card reader
  • USB cable
  • security software and drivers for card reader

Downloading and installing security software

Before you log on for the first time you need to install a driver for the card reader and the BankID Security Application on your computer.

Download software here

1. Connect the card reader with the USB cable to your computer and insert the card in the card reader.

2. The card reader will read the card’s chip. The following line --------- will appear on your card readers display to indicate that the chip is being read.  Please wait and continue after the line has disappeared.

3. Click the tab Cardreader with cable and click the Logon button on the Corporate Netbank logon page (Login and sign button on the card reader are not used).

4. A dialog box presents your certificate – click verify my identity


To verify – enter the pin for your card.


To verify – enter the pin for your card.

5. The text CardPIN will appear on the card reader display. Enter your PIN and press the OK button.

6. The correct PIN will be confirmed with the following text on your card reader display: PIN OK.

7. The front page for Corporate Netbank will open on you computer screen.

How to confirm with card reade with cable

When you want to make a confirmation:

1. Press the Confirm button on the Corporate Netbank page.

2. The BankID dialogue appears.  



3. Press the Sign button.

4. Enter your PIN on the card reader. 



5. The confirmation page in Corporate Netbank appears.

6. The BankID dialogue appears with a request for your PIN.

Other useful information

Please be aware of when you have logged out and directly want to log on again, you must open a new browser window. The same applies if you time out.