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Personal customers

In Personal Banking we provide household customers with easy and convenient everyday banking and sound advice. We offer a full range of financial services and products through our omnichannel model, a combination of high-quality digital and in-person channels, always striving to deliver great customer experiences.

In our award-winning Private banking you will get a comprehensive wealth management service and personal advice for yourself, your family and company.

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What about your private economy?

This is Anders Stenkrona, he is expert in private economy: how to save, how much to save, how much your kids should pay when living at home, how to afford a summer house are examples of topics he blogs about. In each country we have experts that can help you become an expert in your own economy. 

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Are you also using the app?

Did you know that last year our customers mobile and netbank interactions with personalised digital messages increased with 50% year-on-year, and that our digital channels had over 100 million log-ins per month?

Our mobile app is 10 years old

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Nordea Sustainable selection is Nordea’s collected investment offerings with sustainable focus. Here we are putting extra focus on sustainability so that you can make a difference for your finances, and for a greater good.

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