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International media representatives are welcome to contact Group Communications at:

Tel::  +358 10 4168023


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Tel:  +46 771 40 10 60


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Tel:  +358 9 4245 1006


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Tel:  +47 468 09 999


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Tel:  +45 70 80 11 62


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Processing of personal data for individuals representing media companies: 

When you contact us as an individual representing a media company (for example as a journalist or a reporter), we collect your name and contact details as provided by you. The purpose of this processing is to manage our media relations, and the legal basis for processing this is the legitimate interest under Article 6 (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The legitimate interest pursued by Nordea is in this case to be able to effectively manage Nordea’s media relations. This personal data is shared only between relevant persons of Nordea Communications working with media handling, including persons of other legal entities within the Nordea Group on a need to know basis. We keep the data as long as the media topic in question is active, but for a maximum of two years with respect to facilitation of effective media handling. We also review the relevance of the data on a regular basis. 

Read more about how we handle your personal data in Nordea’s Privacy policy.