Corporate Netbank

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Cash management corporate netbank

Flexible and secure corporate banking

Corporate Netbank is Nordea’s online banking channel for Cash Management, and additional international and local services such as e-Custody and e-Market.  Corporate Netbank gives you full control over your banking services through one secure and reliable portal. It provides easy access - including mobile access - to essential banking services so you can handle domestic and international Nordea accounts and payments whenever and wherever you want. A fully comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your total cash flows and liquidity is at your fingertips.

The services provided by Corporate Netbank include international and domestic accounts, payments, file transfers, e-Markets and e-Custody. It also provides for various country specific integrated services and is available in all four Nordic languages and English. Corporate Netbank also has user-friendly functionality so you can personalise the interface to best suit your needs.


Corporate Netbank gives you a real-time access to your Nordea accounts with a full overview of your cash pool structure with Nordea. You can add accounts from other banks or view your group account structure through one interface. In addition, you can monitor your accounts in other banks through SWIFT reporting.


A comprehensive payment overview is readily available so you can get an up-to-date status of all payments made in your company. Corporate Netbank offers you a wide range of payment services, suited to meet a variety of complex payment needs. A beneficiary register and payment templates are available for your frequently used payments, so you decrease time spent on placing frequent payments. With intercompany payments you can make fast transactions between your company’s own accounts, while Request for Transfer allows you to debit an account held with another bank or outside the Nordics, giving you more control centrally.

File Transfer

Nordea’s broad file transfer services provide you with a channel for transferring files between your company’s accounting system and Nordea. You get accurate information on incoming reference payments, and you are able to export account information to files.

Additional international and local services

In addition to the large number of cash management services, we also offer other services such as e-Markets, e-Custody and local integrated services serving the specific local markets. More information on e-Custody and e-Markets below. 

Insights to your liquidity and currency needs

To make fast and accurate decisions, you need data and insights that shows you where your business is heading, your liquidity and cash-flow situation and whether your foreign currency needs are covered. Nordea provides you with Dashboard, giving you instant access to key financial figures from Corporate Netbank and e-Markets - all in one place.


Core benefits of Corporate Netbank

• Access and control your banking services through one secure and reliable portal

• Get real-time account information and transactions for a comprehensive overview of cash flows and liquidity

• Possibility to personalise settings, such as the payment process, so your daily work is easier and faster

• Control your payments and gain easy access to all your accounts abroad by using SWIFT’s Request for Transfer service

• Convenient uploading of payment files and retrieval of incoming reference payments

• Simple and flexible user administration tool for administration of each users' account access and account rights. High level of security to authenticate users

• One channel to a number of Nordea e-services, such as Cash Management, e-Custody, Dashboard and e-Markets.

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Content & Services

Corporate Netbank offers you a wide variety of services in order to meet your explicit needs.

The cash management services provide you with a comprehensive overview of company liquidity and enable you to handle domestic and international company accounts and payments.

The cash management services consist of Accounts and Balances, Payments, File transfer services and Administration, which gives you freedom to administer your company’s users and their user rights without contacting Nordea.

Accounts & Balances

The Accounts and Balances service enables you to view real-time balance and transaction information on your Nordea accounts in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore and the USA.

In addition, accounts held with other banks can be monitored by simply using SWIFT’s balance reporting messages.

The Accounts and Balances service features include:

  • Account information and details
  • Cash pools
  • Configuration of account sets
  • Transaction details
  • Future transactions
  • Export of account information
  • Information available 15 months back in time
  • Interest and limits.


The Payments services enable you to make payments in a quick and secure way.

You can also simplify your payment processes by using predefined payment templates.

The Payments service features include:

  • Domestic and cross-border payments

  • SEPA credit transfers to the euro payments area

  • Intercompany payment

  • Request for Transfer assignments

  • Payment templates

  • Beneficiary register

  • Import of Danish payment files in UTF and/or EDI/4 format.

File transfer

The File transfer service enables you to upload and download account and payment information with minimum effort. Authorised users can securely upload payment files generated by your company’s ledger system and download account statements.

The File transfer service features include:

  • Retrieve account statements for all accounts
  • Transfer data to your own computer for further processing
  • Retrieve information on incoming reference payments to Danish, Finnish and Norwegian accounts

  • Upload of Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish payment files

  • Check the status of a file transfer and cancel an uploaded but still unprocessed file.


Corporate Netbank Administration is an administration tool used to create and maintain users and their authorisation rights. It enables a person or persons within your company to act as an administrator and hence define and edit other users' authorisation rights.

Corporate Netbank administration gives your company more control and enables you to act without a separate need to contact Nordea.

There is no need for ‘Power of attorney’ paper forms, and additional changes to user authorisation rights can be done fast and with ease.

Administrators are able to:

  • Create users

  • Identify users, except users with Norwegian accounts that must always be identified by Nordea

  • Assign authorisation to services and accounts

  • Assign specific authorisation rights for each account (a user can key in and/or confirm payments alone, jointly with another user or jointly with another user from another confirmation group)

  • Assign authentication methods to users

  • Maintain the above-mentioned information

  • Maintain the short names of accounts.

Authentication methods

The authentication solution for Corporate Netbank is Nordea eID card together with a PIN code and a card reader. This solution provides an easy access and convenient way of confirming transactions.

This authentication solution can be used in two different ways, either without USB-cable or with it.

Nordea Codes App

  • A true mobile solution.
  • The Nordea Codes app is available for all users, but it requires an administrator’s approval before the user can take it into use. 
  • The Codes app does not expire. 

Card reader without cable

  • No need of installing software (ready to go), a true offline method.

 Card reader with cable

  • Smooth logon and transaction confirmation processes
  • USB-cable connected between card reader and user’s PC
  • Requires installation of security software and drivers for card reader.

Swedish users can also use e-legimation for above mentioned methods.

For more information on authentication methods, click here >> (pdf, 698 KB)



e-Custody offers custody services to the sub-custody and global custody customers of Nordea’s Securities Services.

With e-Custody you have real-time access to clearing and safekeeping in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as access to custody accounts, holdings, transactions and payments.

The service provides information on the Nordic and Baltic markets and services.

Additionally, e-Custody can be used as a back-up for the SWIFT system.



Nordea's easy-to-use financial markets service on the Internet, e-Markets, is free to Corporate Netbank customers and thousands are already using the platform to trade FX, make deposits and monitor financial markets securely - enhancing their business practices.

Visit e-Markets >>

With e-Markets you can trade foreign exchange spot, forwards, swaps and deposits quickly and easily in a safe, intuitive environment. The service gives you freedom to operate in flexible hours as well as saving you time and money.

Tools and privileged real-time information is at your fingertips with e-Markets. You gain access to real-time market rates, live charts, current news on global financial markets, advanced research from Nordea Markets' renowned team of professionals and sophisticated analytical tools.

No matter what size your operation, e-Markets will give you confidence, flexibility and savings.

To join the list of Corporate Netbank customers who find e-Markets to be a cost-effective solution to their trading needs contact your Nordea relationship manager.

Local Services

Corporate Netbank offers numerous local integrated services in Finland and Sweden to serve your specific local needs.


You can view your investments, make trading orders and get market information. To use these services, you need a portfolio agreement.

You can view your loan details.

You can apply for savings and pension insurance.

Travel exchange
You can make an advance order for travel exchange and collect the currency at a Nordea service point.

Direct Debit
You can make and send direct debit powers of attorney to an invoicing party directly through Corporate Netbank.

You can invoice your customers directly through the use of the E-invoice service.

FX services
You can do currency exchange, outright and swap deals.

New account: Fixed-period investment accounts
You can open new accounts for a fixed period for investment purposes


You can view your loan details. For each loan, you can see the type of loan, loan number and current debt.

You can view your fund details. For each fund, you can see the type of fund, fund number and the current value of the fund.

You can view your insurance details in Nordea Liv & Pension. At the moment, we are not able to present details of individual pension savings (IPS).

Salary services
An administration tool for employers to report and open new accounts for new salary beneficiaries in "LON".

Salary payments 
You can make salary payment lists and reuse information about each month’s salary payments.

Pension plans
An administration tool for pension plans. You get a good overview of your agreements and you can make changes to data in the agreements.

Market information
You receive current information on interest rates, FX rates, share prices and economic news.

Nordea Finance services
You can access Nordea Finance services.

Trade Finance Global 
You can make online documentary credits, collections and international guarantee transactions.

Corporate File Payments (Sweden)

This file-based payment service is aimed towards corporate customers using Swedish PlusGirot accounts to pay from, who want the ability to administer file-based payments in a flexible and fully integrated way.

Key characteristics:

  • Ability to handle BankGiro, PlusGiro payments and account transfers as well as cross-border payments in a single file format

  • Easy-to-use and flexible Web interface for payment administration

  • Efficient and competitive payment processing

  • Available around the clock

  • Efficient reconciliation support.