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Are we a match?

Just as much as we want to make sure you are the right person for the role, you need to make sure that Nordea is the right employer for you. 

We are looking for people who are passionate about creating value and serving our customers. People who always seek collaboration as the path to long term success. People who demonstrate ownership and do the right thing even when it takes courage to do so. 

Does this sound like you? Then we could be the right match for you.

Finding the right person for the right position

Each recruitment will differ depending on the role you are applying for and the business area or function you are interested in. However, what all our recruitments have in common is that we will do our outmost to create a positive and seamless experience for you.

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The purpose of the interview is for us to learn more about your profile, competencies, skills, motivation and values. For you, this is an opportunity to ask questions and find the answers to your burning questions - would you thrive in this role,
team and culture? 

You will normally attend 1-2 interviews, during which you will meet your potential future leader and/or a colleague
from People (HR). 

Work-related tests

We evaluate based on skills, competencies and cultural fit. For some positions, we will also ask you – as part of the evaluation – to complete a job-related assessment, for example ability tests. 

If you are asked to partake in this evaluation, you will always receive feedback on your test results. All assessments and testings are carried out by skilled and qualified
People (HR) professionals.

Assessment and feedback

We aim for proving feedback on your application as soon as we can, while making sure we give every candidate the time and attention needed to make a fair evaluation. 

On completion of interviews and assessments, we perform background checks (pdf, 208 KB) on the final candidates. This you need to give your consent for at the beginning of the recruitment process. 

Tips for your interview

Meet one of our Recruiters, Bojana, who would like to share her best tips and tricks on how to prepare for an interview: 

“Before going to the interview, do some research and learn about the company, its’ organisation and values. Prepare some concrete examples from your previous experiences to show that you are suitable for the job and what you can contribute with. Also think of situations when things didn’t go as planned to show what important learnings and insights you’ve gained. 

At the interview, be curious and ask questions about the employer, the job and what expectations there would be on you in the role. Be honest if you don’t understand a question in the interview, so you can give a relevant and personal answer. 

Finally, I can easily tell when someone is acting in a way they think I expect them to act. With that said – just be yourself, try to relax and have fun!”

Let’s find out if we are a match