21-02-2023 17:15

Nordea ranks first for digital performance in Europe

The well-established rating company D-rating have published their results of the 6th D-rating on retail banks performance. Nordea ranks first and is labelled as “Best European Global Performer” within customer offerings.
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D-rating states in their review: "Nordea has throughout the last couple years, managed to transition from its old interface to a new appealing, fluid customer platform, its extensive offerings in terms of digital products and features and efficient customer support. This translates to a high score in terms of satisfaction expressed in the application stores. From the ability to generate value, Nordea ranks first among all the banks surveyed for the extent of its online offer and its ability to support its customers in their subscription process and in their management.”

Head of Personal Banking, Sara Mella.

D-rating believes that the battlefront in the digital war has shifted from more and more digital customers to more and more value generated with them.

"We are very pleased to be recognised by D-Rating as best digital performer among retail banks in Europe. We aim to create great customer experiences by proactively responding to our customers’ needs and we continue to develop our digital offerings accordingly. This rating shows we have succeeded well in that” says Nordea Head of Personal Banking Sara Mella.

Nordea moves two grades up from BBB+ to A

Acknowledged for strong digital performance keeping the customer offerings. Having a strong digital performance in retail banking, a fluid account opening and the ability to innovate and lead the change without losing from sight the customer.

Overall ranking:


  • 1st Bank in Nordics Region overall
  • 1st Bank in Nordics Region in Digital Proposition (1st bank in features app, 1st bank in
  • 1st Bank in Nordics Region in Usage Status (1st bank in Satisfaction app, 1st bank in app, Nordics region)


  • Highest rating A in Europe for Nordea
  • 1st European Network Bank overall (network bank meaning bank with branches in opposition to digital online bank)
  • 1st European Bank in Customer Support (includes aggregation of scores of chat, faq, messaging and appointment booking)
  • 1st European Bank in Offers & Journeys (includes aggregation of scores in account opening, access to banking products online app and web)
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