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10 years with the bank in your phone – we celebrate a digital anniversary

It's time to look back as our mobile bank turns 10 years old. From its first interfaces and features to its current form as an all-inclusive and personalised mobile app, its journey throughout the years reveals true determination to make Nordea a leading digital bank.
First Nordea mobile app
Nordea’s first steps towards a mobile banking application go back more than 10 years.

Nordea launched its first mobile banking application in November 2012 on Android, iOS and Windows. The aim was to meet the new consumer preferences for mobile banking.

Customers wanted a simple, convenient and secure platform to complete their daily banking activities.

“As the use of smartphones was on the rise at the turn of the century and mobile logins were estimated to overtake internet logins, we couldn’t just sit back during the mobile revolution. Mobiles were going to be one of the most important communication platforms for customers,” says Carl Risberg, Head of Digital Technology.

“In the first version of the app, you could view balance, transactions and due payments; access account info; create payments; and make transfers between own accounts and to a third person. The goal was to provide customers with a full-service banking relationship,” he explains.

We couldn’t just sit back during the mobile revolution. Mobiles were going to be one of the most important communication platforms for customers.

Carl Risberg, Head of Digital Technology, Nordea

Introducing Nordea Digital Mobile

The mobile banking application was built on four different country-focused back-end solutions. “With four apps, we could not work efficiently, so we needed to align. The next app in all countries would work on one tech stack to enhance our alignment and maintenance work,” Carl Risberg says.

Nordea Digital Mobile was launched in April 2018. It had a lot of new features: a personalised front page, widgets for Nordea Wallet, a shortcut to the customer service page from the contact page, and easier ways to copy an account or IBAN number and buy and sell funds in the app.

After the launch, a redesign project was implemented to enhance the experience even further. The project was called Lynx – inspired by the enigma of the animal, which the final product also resembled: nimble, focused and beautiful. The result was a new and more consistent design experience, which received industry recognition with the Grand One Grand Prix and Best User Experience.

Nordea Digital Mobile, redesigned version Lynx in Q4/2018.

2022 saw the next generation of the mobile bank (2.0)

In 2022, Nordea launched the next generation of the mobile bank to customers in all countries. The app aims to encourage our customers to take control of their finances with new features like the Insights and Budgeting tabs. It’s more than a basic banking app – it gives you tools to improve your financial well-being.

We are continuously developing the mobile experience to have more self-service features and personalised insights. The next-generation mobile bank is the first step towards our 2025 vision and digital strategy of creating a better and seamless digital and omni-channel customer experience.

Our latest app encourages customers to take control of their finances with features like the Insights and Budgeting tabs.

Did you know? Nordea’s first steps with a mobile app lead back to 2009

The journey of the mobile bank app started as early as in 2009, when Norway signed a contract with an external company to create a mobile banking application for Nordea. It was then launched February 2010 in Norway as the first country. The rest of the countries soon followed.

The first mobile app had an in-app embedded web-view. The people who worked with the first app really took their time with the design. The design of the first app lasted as long as until 2014.

The first generation mobile bank was one of the firsts in the Nordic market. It was externally recognised in several countries. For example, Nordea Denmark was the first on the Windows platform and was invited to a big Microsoft event when they launched Windows 7. Huge at the time!

Other digital milestones from 2012

  • After 246 years since its first publication, the Encyclopædia Britannica discontinues its print edition.
  • Facebook officially crosses the one billion active users mark on October 4, 2012.
  • The last version of BlackBerry OS (7.1) was released in January 2012.
  • Pinterest was made available to everyone on August 10, 2012.
  • In December 2012, Time magazine noted that selfie was among its the "top 10 buzzwords" of 2012.

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