Corporate Governance Reports

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Nordea produces its Corporate Governance reports, according to the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, the Companies Act and the Code of Corporate Governance, on an annual basis. In each report Nordea clearly states which Code rules Nordea has not complied with, describes the solution adopted instead and explains the reasons in each case.

The reports also include a separate section containing the Board’s description of internal control and risk management regarding financial reporting. Since 2010 the report is included in the Board of Directors report . Former years the reports were attached to the Annual report of the same year. Below you will find the reports as PDF.

Corporate Governance reports

Auditors reviews

The legal requirement for an auditor review of the corporate governance report was introduced in 2010 and is stipulated in the Swedish Companies Act, if the report is included in the Board of Director’s report. The auditor has chosen to include their review as part of their usual revision of the Board of Directors report. Below you will find the Audit report as PDF, with the part which deals with the corporate governance report marked in yellow.