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What is Nordea Investor Speed Dating?

Nordea Investor Speed Dating is the name for our closed matchmaking events for Nordic high-growth startups and scaleups looking for the right investor. These online events are made up of pre-booked one-to-one meetings between companies and investors, so they’re not pitching events.

We organise them all year round and, every time, our goal is to make them the most efficient 2.5 hours of your year. 

How can I get involved?

Nordea Investor Speed Dating events are closed events, with the attending companies chosen in advance.
Our Startup and Growth teams carefully review all applications and select those that match the investment scope of the attending venture capital funds.

Pick a date below and send your application today. Applications close three weeks before the event.

Nordic events


Pre-seed companies

Nordea Investor Speed Dating for Nordic startups raising their pre-seed/seed round (typical round size EUR 0,2-1m) 

Deadline for applications: 04.09.2024.  


Fall 2024

Seed-stage companies 

Nordea Investor Speed Dating for Nordic startups raising their seed-round (typical round size EUR 1-3m) 

Deadline for applications will be published later.


Fall 2024

Scaleup Day

Nordea Investor Speed Dating for Nordic scaleups raising their A/B round (typical round size EUR 2m and above) 

Deadline for applications will be published later.


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