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Our culture

If we want to make a real difference – and we do – we need to listen carefully to our customers, employees, partners and the world around us. We need to create space to grow, take ownership and learn new ways of working. It requires on us all to think, act and connect differently. 


We come together around values

At the heart of everything we do is our four values; collaboration, ownership, passion and courage. They help us transform. 

We imagine that you – just as much as we do –  enjoy learning and are excited about bringing your ideas forward. You’re dependable, willing to speak up – even when it’s difficult, and committed to empowering your colleagues.


Ownership. Passion.
Collaboration. Courage.

When I think about our purpose and values...

I think of them in relation to the main reason we go to work every day – and that is the customer. I feel proud when I see examples of how we manage to create stronger communication and greater collaboration with our customers by living our values. The fact is, our values are a result of us. We made them together.

Kirsten, Business Analyst

Listen to Per

What do our values really mean to us? Hear Per talk about Courage

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Explore new ways of working

Joining a changing company is a great opportunity for you to contribute with your passion and make an impact. 

You’ll see that we are teaming up across borders, business units and work streams to create an environment for innovation and space for experimentation. 

A feedback culture to help you learn and grow

We believe in taking the time to pause, connect and reflect both as individuals, teams and as an organisation, on how we contribute, how we grow and how we enjoy. 

If you are bringing a growth mindset and an open mind, there is plenty of space for you to grow at Nordea. We are working actively and structured with asking for and giving feedback. This is how we always ensure that we are on the right track – both as a company and as individuals. 

I want to know what people think how else will I grow and learn?

It takes courage to ask for feedback and it takes ownership to give and act on it. Prior to my latest development dialogue with my leader, I requested feedback from one person in my team and several others outside my unit that I collaborate with on projects. I think this way of working with feedback makes the dialogue more meaningful and probably more accurate.

Mona, Business Developer

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