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18-11-2021 09:16

Frank Vang-Jensen joins United Nations sustainability council

Nordea’s President and CEO Frank Vang-Jensen has been invited to join the UNEP FI Leadership Council. UNEP FI is short for United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, which is a partnership between the UN and the global financial sector to mobilise private sector finance for sustainable development.
Frank Vang-Jensen CEO Nordea

The Leadership Council brings together a group of CEOs and chairpersons of institutions who have been elected to serve on the UNEP FI Global Steering Committee, the board of the Principles for Responsible Banking or the board of the Principles for Sustainable Insurance.

“It’s an honour to join the UNEP FI Leadership Council. For the financial industry to deliver on its net-zero targets, a key step is to set intermediate targets.  At Nordea, we’re committed to reach our mid-term target to reduce carbon emissions from our lending and investment portfolios by 40 to 50 percent by 2030. We encourage our peers to join us in setting similar, tangible targets, so we can see action now and in the future”, says Frank Vang-Jensen.

The council will meet annually, providing vision and strategic direction to UNEP FI in orienting its role and that of the UN in shaping, mainstreaming and deepening sustainability integration across the industry. It will further mobilise the financial community to support sustainable, resilient and inclusive economies. The first annual meeting in the council will be held on 24 November.

Nordea’s sustainability roadmap is based on close dialogue with our customers so we together build the foundation for a new low-carbon and climate-friendly economy. Therefore, Nordea will focus on sharing our expertise with our customers and being actively involved in different collaborations to find solutions to both global and local challenges.