04-10-2021 12:22

Join the API economy and take advantage of the new banking technology

The banking technology is evolving fast and the trend is going towards making more financial data accessible via APIs – and Nordea is in front, offering customers and partners to use our services in their preferred digital environment via our embedded finance solutions.
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The growth of embedded finance has seen an increasing number of financial operations enabled in the user’s own preferred digital environment. As a market leader in Open Banking, Nordea is heading the embedded finance charge by providing a growing selection of premium API (Application Programming Interface) solutions that can be embedded in external channels and applications.

Nordea’s API platform is regarded as a front runner in the market and we have won several awards for both our API Market and our APIs. Being frontrunners has enabled us to meet our customers in their preferred digital environment – which in many cases is not our environment, but instead the environment of our customers, partners or even third parties.

New business opportunities

Nordea APIs make our corporate customers able to reach their Nordea accounts via direct integration to their own systems, without the netbank interface. We develop new customer-centric API solutions based on customer feedback, as in the case of Wärtsilä.

Together with partners like Finnair we offer financial Nordea services in their channels to complement and perfect the user journey for their customers.

APIs also enable third parties to use Nordea services in their platforms to power their own offerings, like in the case of the Swedish charity organisation Majblomman.

APIs enable you to access information and services where and when you need them and to automate manual routines, remove time lags and lower your risks. It’s time to join the API economy! Start here by finding out what our APIs can do for your business.

Embedded finance

Is defined as financial services that make up part of an offering from a non-financial service provider, but are provided in the background by a bank or another kind of financial service provider.

The user does not necessarily connect directly with the financial service provider, instead the financial service is embedded within an activity or process.

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