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02-03-2022 21:27

Nordea has no rules for the choice of words about the invasion of Ukraine for spokespeople

An internal email shared in one of Nordea’s communication teams has been described in Danish media as instructing spokespeople not to use the word “war”. Nordea doesn’t have rules for wording about the war in Ukraine for its spokespeople. Already on Friday last week, Nordea communicated that it condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The email was a human mistake and should never have been shared. 

On Wednesday evening the Danish media outlet Børsen published an article that criticised Nordea for limiting its experts in their choice of words when communicating about the situation in Ukraine. This is not the communication policy of Nordea. 

“We apologise for the email, which was a clear, human mistake and doesn’t express Nordea’s views. It is important that our experts can describe how the war affects the financial markets and the economies of the involved countries. At this difficult time we need to be there for our customers and provide our employees with the best possibilities to support and advise them,” says Ulrika Romantschuk, Head of Group Brand, Communication and Marketing. 

On Friday last week Nordea published an article to all employees in which it was stated that Nordea condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the violent breaches of international laws.  

“We are truly sorry for this human mistake and apologise unconditionally,” stresses Ulrika Romantschuk.