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12-05-2022 13:39

Our mobile bank just got a major update – based on user feedback

The update customers will experience in their mobile bank this time is built on feedback from the employees. “We were flooded with great ideas,” says Outi Verosaari from Nordea's Mobile Channel Office. The transformation, from basic banking app to treasure trove of insights, is now launching across the Nordics.
New mobile bank 2022

What do you want from the mobile banking app? That’s one of the questions Nordea colleagues were invited to consider as part of a cross-Nordic user experience pilot that ran from late December 2021 to March 2022.  

The response exceeded expectations. “We were flooded with great ideas,” says Outi Verosaari from the Mobile Channel Office. “We received everything from proposals for small text changes to big ideas for the future – plus things to fix before we could launch.”  

Now, all the feedback has been processed, the developers have made their tweaks and the improved app has begun launching across the Nordic countries – but what’s new for the users?

Major changes aimed at empowering customers

“There are two major changes. First, there’s the revamped Overview tab, which enables customers to see all their financial products at a glance – including those with other banks. They can also hide or rearrange content on the page to personalise their experience,” Outi Verosaari explains. 

“Then there’s the brand new Insights tab, where customers can ‘take the pulse’ of their finances by viewing their expenses, income and transfers across all bank accounts in one place.”  

“Employee feedback was particularly helpful here,” she stresses: “Participants said it would be useful to be able to set the date the presentation was based on – for example, the day their salary came out. Our developers took that on board and added a filter-by-date functionality.” 

The Insights tab also lets users categorise uncategorised transactions to improve the experience further. 

“Basically, customers will be able to ‘train’ the app so it offers them increasingly accurate and relevant information – although hopefully our employees have given them a head start there: the pilot already involved quite a bit of categorisation work by the participants,” explains Outi Verosaari. 

We think, this is a customer experience gamechanger.

Outi Verosaari 

Nordic roll-out under way

The new Nordea Mobile will hit all the Nordic countries in the next couple of months. In Sweden, the roll-out has started and the update will be available for all customers in the coming weeks. The app update will launch in Denmark on 10 May, followed by Norway and Finland later in May/June.

But will it be a hit? “We think, this is a customer experience gamechanger,” says Outi Verosaari. 

Did you know you can do all this in the mobile bank?

  • Get an overview of all your financial products. Add, hide or re-arrange content to personalise your experience.  
  • View your income, expenses and transactions all in one place. Use categorisation to get a better idea of what you spend your money on.  
  • Add your cards to Google Pay and Apple Pay.  
  • Scan your bills with the camera and transfer money between your accounts or to a friend.  
  • Buy and sell fund investments and equities.
  • Apply for a loan or other product.
  • View the PIN code for each card.
  • Temporarily block or unblock cards. Or permanently block a card and get a new one sent to you automatically.
  • Minimise the risk of fraud by limiting which geographical areas your cards can be used in and choosing whether or not your cards can be used for internet shopping. 
  • Access easy self-help solutions (e.g. Nova), view and sign documents and dial in to the bank. 
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