08-01-2024 12:02

What lies ahead – our experts share their views on 2024

Have a look at our different economic comments country by country for 2024.
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Read about how developments in the world economy and the financial markets in 2023 were fortunately much better than feared. Now a new year awaits us, which already promises to be very challenging, according to Nordea Group Chief Economist Helge Pedersen. 


Dig into the podcast where our Danish experts go through the general outlook for 2024. In Danish we also have an outlook in our podcast about the investment year 2024


Find our Norwegian experts collected view on 2024 here, covering housing, investments and a makro-comment. Also, the private economist share what will affect your economy during the year if you live in Norway. 


Read about what the investment year 2024 will look like, or take a look in the mirror and read about what investment year 2023 was. You can also listen to the podcast with our experts discussing next year and what twist and turns they remember the most about last year.  


The 2024 expert collection of comments for Sweden you can read here