Due to different legal aspects – certain forms need to be country specific (Related to the local Trade Finance Unit servicing your needs) – these are marked with country name/s.

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Welcome to the Trade Finance Global legal agreements page for existing TFNS customers. 

Please follow the instructions below, to secure a smooth transition from the current TFNS to the new Trade Finance Global system.

Please find below the legal documents:

1.1 Trade Finance Global - Customer Agreement (docx, 31 KB)

1.2 Terms & conditions (pdf, 199 KB)

1.3 Roll over of authority (docx, 29 KB)

For companies with subsidiaries:

1.4 Trade Finance Global - Participation agreement (docx, 41 KB)

Please follow these steps for a smooth on-boarding: 

  1. Download and fill in the agreements, no 1.1 and 1.3 (Remember to tick the box within Law and Jurisdiction).   
  2. Find your company’s list of authorised signatures and ensure that the “Trade Finance Global - Customer Agreement” and “Roll over of authority” are signed by an authorised signatory within your company/organisation. (Note: For Norwegian companies please send the contract directly to your local SRM or Trade Finance advisor – see contacts below).
  3. Send scanned copies of the signed agreements  together with a scanned copy of your company's list of authorised signatures (from the official company register) to Trade Finance Agreementsmoc.aedron@stnemeergaecnanifedart (
  4. You will then receive the co-signed agreement from Nordea as confirmation.

Explanation of the documents:

1.1 Trade Finance Global – Customer Agreement: 
This agreement ensures that your company and Nordea can share information via Trade Finance Global. This is the cover agreement to which the “Terms & conditions” are attached. 

1.2 Terms & condition: 
This document describes the service and explain the relation to the underlying services (e.g. guarantees, documentary credits etc.) and also the different roles in the system.  

1.3 Roll over of authority: 
This agreement ensures that Nordea can transfer all existing users from the current TFNS system to the new Trade Finance Global system. Including user profiles and settings.  

1.4 Trade Finance Global – Participation agreement: 
This agreement ensures that subsidiaries can be represented by the parent company through Trade Finance Global and allows the parent to access information available in relation to each subsidiary. This agreement should be signed by a subsidiary company.

If the above steps are completed, you will have access to the system when it is implemented.

For more information about Trade Finance Global visit our special resource page. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local trade finance advisor. You can find the contact information here.