Corporate Access

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Standardised and efficient payments


Corporate Access is a single point-of-entry solution covering File Transfer and Payables for out-going payments in XML format. It provides a uniform file interface covering all relevant types of domestic and cross-border transfers. It will first be available first to customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, with Finland and the Baltics included at a later date.


Corporate Access is fully SEPA compliant and is designed to eliminate the inefficiency of different payment processes and to reduce fraud risk. In addition, Corporate Access works in tandem with Corporate Netbank so you can monitor and control your payment flows with increased visibility.

Your challenges resolved

SEPA compliance: Corporate Access uses the international XML standard ISO20022 v.3, CGI compliant format which meets all legal requirements in compliance with SEPA for euro payments. It also has the capability to deliver all SEPA required information, such as ultimate creditor/debtor details.

Unified and efficient payment process: Corporate Access provides you with one XML format for all commercial payments in any currency and country. It also provides you with status and debit advice reports, which will enable full automation of your payment processes, eliminating costly and time-consuming manual processes.

Reduced fraud risk: Integration between your system and Nordea provides optimal straight-through processing. One unified payment process across countries and currencies, together with a segregation of duties via centralised, configurable controls and authorisation reporting, offers increased security.

Communication channels supported

Corporate Access provides a broad selection of file transfer communication methods to support your need for automated transmission of files. Corporate Access offers integration with the following communication channels: AS2, FTP/VPN, sFTP, SWIFTNet FileAct and Corporate Netbank. In the future, it is planned to add EBICS and Web Services. 


Customer benefits  

  • Ability to operate payments from local accounts 
  • One single technical interface
  • Standard ISO20022 XML (version 3) implementation structure 
  • Compliant with regulatory legislation
  • Automated payment and reconciliation processes
  • Online option for viewing, cancelling and/or confirming payments
  • One banking partner with one agreement
  • Improved security solution
  • One file format for Denmark, Norway and Sweden

ERP roll out information

One prerequisite for sending transactions in the new ISO20022 XML format is that the ERP-vendor has implemented the new format in their ERP-solution. Nordea’s solution is already available for customers in Sweden and both Norway and Denmark will follow during this year. Existing file formats in Finland and the Baltic countries are already SEPA-compliant so Corporate Access will come into scope for those countries after 2016. The current file format ISO20022 XML is already available for customers using Corporate eGateway. (Note: Current provided XML format differs between our services Corporate eGateway and Corporate Access Payables). This page will continuously be updated with relevant information for customers and ERP-vendors.

Documentation & Tools Developed 3rd party integration solutions Documentation & Tools

Certificate Download

Corporate Access identifies customers with a certificate which companies can retrieve from the bank with their bank connection software. The software will send a request for a certificate, to which it attaches the name, Signer ID and country code of the customer stated in the agreement. The request is secured with an activation code received via an SMS message delivered to the mobile phone number of the administrator specified in the agreement. 

If your bank connection software does not have a feature for downloading the certificate, you can also download the Nordea Security Client (NSC) below. Once downloaded you can start the client and fill in and send a certificate request with the above-mentioned data. When you receive the certificate, you have to create a password to protect it if you want to export it directly for the use of the bank connection software, otherwise it will be stored locally on the windows certificate store.

  1. Download of Nordea Security Client
  2. Nordea Security Client - User Guide (pdf, 763 KB)
  3. How to export a certificate to a PSKC #12 file (pdf, 660 KB)
Developed 3rd party integration solutions

Developed 3rd party integration solutions

Here you can see the 3rd party integration solutions which have been tested and implemented by the vendors. 

Other vendors are also in the process of implementing the integration to Nordea’s Corporate Access and we will on a regular basis update the table when we have been informed by the vendor. 

In any case we recommend that you approach your ERP/TMS vendor or IT Consultancy firms to discuss what is required in order to utilise the new integration towards Nordea’s Corporate Access, e.g. update of software from the vendor etc. 

Vendor NameERP/ TMS/ SoftwareISO20022XML PaymentsSecure EnvelopeH2H Communication Protocols
AMC-Consult A/SAMC-Banking (Dynamics Operations, Dynamics 365, Oracle and SAP)YYYYSFTP
AvalosysAvalo ConnectNNYYWebServices, SFTP
BankIntegrationAdmind og flereYNNYWebservices
Björn Lundén Information ABBL AdministrationNNYN
FS TechnologySafe link PFRNNNYSFTP
JeevesJeeves EnterpriseNNYN
OracleOracle Applications
eBusiness Suite
JD Edwards
PeopleSoft Enterprise
Pagero ABPagero Payment Connect, Pagero Auto FTP, Pagero Payment Server. All three solutions can be combined with Pagero SEPA Convert and Pagero SEPA Connect.YYYY
Programekonomi Svenska ABMicrosoft Dynanics NAV, SweBaseYYYN
Unikum Datasystem ABPyramid Business SystemNNYN
Unit4Agresso Milestone
Unit4Business World
Visma EnterpriseVisma Public A+
Visma Software AutoPay Financials
Visma Business
Visma Control
Visma Global
Visma eAccounting
Enterprise Økonomi
DI Systemer

Visual BankingBabelBankNYYNN
Z DataZ Data ConvertXYYYYSFTP
Åbergs DataSystem ABRebusNNYNFile sent via Nordea Corporate Netbank


Please be aware that the information is based on input from the vendors themselves. Nordea has not verified the information and therefore we cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information either. In any case we recommend that you approach your ERP/TMS vendor or IT Consultancy firms to discuss what is required in order to utilise the integration towards Nordea’s Corporate Access.

All vendors who have tested and implemented an integration towards Nordea’s Corporate Access and want to be listed above can click here to go to the web form.