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Payments are transmitted most efficiently as files through a file transfer service. Your company can choose to upload and download files manually from our File transfer service in Corporate Netbank or automate the timing of the upload and download directly from your financial administration or ERP system with a Server-to-server solution.

This will enable routine tasks to be managed automatically. File transfer has no user interface, such as our Netbank solutions. Corporate customers must always conclude an agreement with the bank on the transmission of payment files. Extended technical knowledge is needed for implementing the solution. Nordea recommends a 3rd party service/software provider if the necessary in-house knowledge is not available on the customer’s side.


Your benefits

  • Easy and low cost transferring of files
  • Automatic sending and receiving of files
  • Handling of large files
  • File transfer service is available 24 hours a day every day
  • You can send payment files to Nordea and download account reports when it best suits your company
  • Support during business hours
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Web Services

Web Services is a modern and safe channel for the data communication between Customer’s ERP system and the bank’s system. With the Web Services standard Nordea offers a data communication protocol to corporates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) identification and security specifications in line with the definitions of the Web Services Interoperability Organisation.

The Web Services protocol is based on common global standards and complies with the definitions of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In the Web Services connection data is SSL encrypted in the Internet TCP/IP network. Customers and the bank are identified using PKI standard. The Web Services protocol is designed for the transmission of the XML files, such as ISO20022 files, but also the local Nordea Cash Management (CM) service files in Finland, Estonia, Latvia  and Lithuania can be transmitted, which requires local agreements.

External links: Web Services Interoperability Organisation | World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

SWIFTNet for Corporates

SWIFTNet for Corporates  

SWIFTNet for Corporates is an access for corporate customers to the highly secure and reliable SWIFT Network, which for years has been used as an international platform for exchanging financial messages between banks. Corporate customers can get access to this network and exchange data with financial institutions.

According to the rules set by SWIFT, we offer our corporate customers access to send and receive messages like payment instructions, account statements etc. For more information please contact your local Cash Management adviser or send a mail with your question to:  .

Communication & Security

In the description you will find information about the set-up in connection to SWIFTNet FileAct communication between companies and Nordea. The SWIFTNet FileAct solution offered by Nordea is fully compatible with SWIFTNet security and communication standards. Links to relevant documentation from SWIFT can be found in the document below. The document is intended for technical staff at the company. For access details please contact your local Cash Management adviser.

Security and communication description for SWIFTNet FileAct. (pdf, 381 KB)

Treasury File Service test

Treasury File Service test

Treasury File Service is a Nordea solution for treasury departments and financial institutions to generate file payments in SWIFT-format from their own system. If you have debit accounts in Nordea you can make financial and intra-company payments via the file service or in Nordea Sweden and Finland you can even make internal cash pool payments plus pre-advise Nordea about financial payments to come. Before you can start sending payments via the Treasury File Service, a test file must be sent to Nordea at least two weeks in advance of every test and customer set-up.

Authentication code/ Hash value calculation/ SHA1

The test requires a so called SHA1 sum in the end of the file. You can check the SHA1 sum for testing purposes by downloading a utility provided by Nordea in order to check that the Hash value is correct. 


1. Check that you have Java version 1.6 otherwise it can be found at Java  
2. Download the Java program 
3. Drop your test file into the validation program. 
Download SHA1 calculation program

The program calculates SHA1, SHA2 and a HMAC sum. For treasury files, SHA1 is used and others are not supported. 

Swiftvalidator for MT101 Treasury file

Below you can drop the MT101 Treasury File into the Swiftvalidator, included the Hash code. A SHA1 hash should be calculated on the complete SWIFT MT101 message from Block 1 to Block 4 and placed after the Block 4 after a <CRLF> AND should be followed by another <CRLF>. The outcome are showing in the validation result.

The validations are gradually

1. Block control 
2. Structure control 
3. Content control 
4. Hash control


Test file to Nordea

Before you can start sending payments via the Treasury File Service, a test file must be sent to Nordea at least two weeks in advance of every test and customer set-up. The tests first of all deal with handling of file content in the IPS system (International Payment Services) and they are handled together with IPS-IT. If you use the systems TWIN or CRM you do not need to make a test. 

Description of the validation of Treasury File payments (pdf, 74 KB)

Customer support for Treasury File via Host to host 
Phone: +46 771 77 69 92 
Bank day 08:00-20:00 Week end 10:00-17:00

Customer support for Treasury File via Corporate Netbank 
Phone: +46 771 77 69 91 
Bank day 08:00-18:00

Contact info

Contact information

Protocol / ServiceSupportunitContact informationOpening hours
AS2, FTP/ VPN, SFTPFile transfer and communication support

Production environment
Tel: +46 823 9930

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 18.00 CET

SWIFTNet for CorporatesSWIFTNet Support

+46 771 77 69 75

Guideline for support (pdf, 165 KB)

Mon-Fri 7.00-18.00 CET
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Web ServicesFinland
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Web ServicesLithuania
GiroLinkGiroLink+46 771 77 69 92Mon- Fri 8.00-18.00 CET
Corporate eGateway+46 771 77 69 75 
Mon-Fri 7.00-18.00 CET
Treasury File
Treasury File Service test
Test support for Swedish file services+46 8 22 22 02 
Mon-Fri 8.00 - 17.00 CET
Test support for Norwegian file servicesSupport+47 915 06002Mon-Fri 8.00 - 17.00 CET
Certificate download

On this page you can download Nordea's Public Key Certificates for automated file transfers. Nordea uses Symantec CA Certificates which may be downloaded from here.


Nordea uses the same Public Key Certificate for signing, encrypting, and SSL. Nordea's certificate together with intermediary certificates may be downloaded using the links below.

Test Environment (zip, 1 KB) - Valid from 7 May 2019

Production environment (zip, 1 KB) - Valid from 14 May 2019


Nordea Public RSA key in SSH2 and open SSH format can be downloaded using the links below.


Test environment (zip, 0 KB) - Valid from 7 May 2019

Production environment (zip, 0 KB) - Valid from 14 May 2019


Test environment (zip, 0 KB) - Valid from 7 May 2019

Production environment (zip, 0 KB) - Valid from 14 May 2019


The Nordea PGP Public Keys may be downloaded using the links below.