Our values

Purpose and values

Our inner direction

At the core of everything we do are our values.

We didn’t pluck our values out of thin air. They came from a lot of conversations with our colleagues, customers and many other stakeholders. Together, we co-created our values which define who we are and what we believe in. They define our behaviour and help make the right decisions. They’re how we do things.

Our values


Ownership, Passion and Courage

Our values are a clear expression of the culture we want to build where people can be passionate about customers, collaborate intensely across the organisation, keep a true sense of ownership in our work and have the courage to speak up and challenge each other. 

Our values in action

We are constantly focusing on how we can live our values in everything we do. From how we hire to how we develop and grow, we focus not only on what we achieve but how we do it and if our values guide our path. We train and lead from our values. 

Our values are who we are and what we do – with our people and the way we interact with our customers.

That’s why every day we ask ourselves and each other, how am I contributing to and living the values? Watch the short videos below and meet some of our people who are guided by our values.

Meet Dominika

Collaboration is so much more than pairing up with a teammate to tackle a project. For Dominika, it’s about tapping into new expertise across units, business areas and countries to solve new challenges.

Meet Per

The banking industry is becoming more digital but Nordea knows it’s no replacement for human skills. After 28 years of traditional banking experience, Per had the courage to work with instead of resist digitalisation.