31-10-2023 09:48

Help at your fingertips – new customer support feature launched

With the opportunity to do more and more banking in one app, customers need a new kind of support. To meet that need Nordea has recently launched a new Help tab in the mobile banking app and Netbank to ensure that our customers have easy access to support.
Anders Nicander, Head of Nordea One Digital.

At Nordea we have more than one billion logins to our mobile banking app a year and around 4,6 million digitally active customers. Numbers that are steadily rising as we are developing our digital platforms to offer our customers the freedom and independence to manage their daily finances as it suits them.

“Customers today have truly embraced the fast and convenient experience of modern digital banking,” explains Anders Nicander, Head of Nordea One Digital, and gives a couple of examples: 55% of all incoming applications in Sweden are now handled via our mortgage portal, and savings through digital channels now correspond to as much as 63% of all savings transactions by personal customers. 

From product-focused to personalised

New fast-paced technologies open more opportunities for banks than ever to deliver great customer experiences. However, as the number of products increases, customers may also face challenges using several different services, Anders Nicander says:     

“We’ve come quite far in creating a true omnichannel experience. Omnichannel is about putting the customer at the centre so all channels and touchpoints revolve around them and not the product. Today customers can access our products and services in their preferred channel and in many cases move seamlessly between them, but the support side has been a bit more fragmented and also somewhat product-focused.”

An obvious solution is of course to have savings and investment tips next to your savings account, but it also presents some obstacles. A product-based support approach often requires the customer to have some degree of knowledge about banking products and banking terminology. Here more support is often needed and this is why the new Help tab has been created, so we can now cater for a wider variety of users.

Well-rated app
Did you know that our mobile banking app was rated
over 4 out of 5 stars in App Store and Google Play Store
in all four Nordic countries in 2023? 

Bots trained by humans 

At the core of the Help tab is a search function that enables customers to navigate quickly and efficiently across our digital channels. It connects existing FAQ pages, shortcuts, product information and chatbot suggestions to provide a more targeted search. Customers can now jump directly to, for example, our mortgage calculator or start a more explorative conversation on a housing loan with our chatbot, which handles around half a million chats a month.

“It might sound like a 100% digitalised experience, but at Nordea the human dimension is never far away. Our chatbots are trained by employees in our contact centres, who have a pretty good idea of what people are asking about. From the Help tab you can also call or chat with us directly and there is of course always the option to book a meeting with one of our advisers. It’s always up to the customer how they want to interact with us. In our channels we want them to experience that Nordea always picks up where their last conversation with us left off,” Anders Nicander summarises.   

Most frequently asked questions in the search function

Finland: How can I make changes to my current mortgage?

Denmark: Where do I find documents for signing?

Sweden: How do I renew mobile bank ID?

Norway: How do I close an account? 


Winner in six digital banking categories

In the 2023 World's Best Digital Bank Awards, hosted by Global Finance Magazine, we were awarded in six different categories. 

The categories were:

1. Best Consumer Digital Bank DK, FI, SE

2. Best Consumer Mobile Banking App DK, FI, SE

3. Best Consumer User Experience (UX) Design DK, FI, SE

4. Best Consumer User Experience (UX) Design in Western Europe DK, FI, SE

5. Best Corporate Mobile Banking App DK, FI, SE

6. Best Corporate Digital Bank for SME Banking DK, FI, SE

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