09-11-2021 15:22

In-house hack delivers new ideas for digital solutions

DigiHack 2021 is a creative event for Nordea employees with great ideas to improve our customer’s digital experience. In just two days, self-created teams get the possibility to go from idea to proof of concept. This September, fourteen teams in total competed to win prizes and gain visibility into their proposed innovations.  

Employees at Nordea often come up with great ideas on how to improve our digital customer offerings. To be able to refine and take care of all that, DigiHack was created. DigiHack is a virtual hackathon for all digital areas in Nordea and it has two main goals: first, to dedicate two full days to building proofs of concept and rapid prototypes and second, to create visibility for employee-driven innovative solutions. At the end of the two-day event, the teams presented their solutions to the jury where executive leadership had the chance to review and rate the ideas.

It was such a great experience to show how Nordea could deliver value to the segment by utilising our existing design system and technology.

Julie Bang, from the Let’s duo team.

Time for creative innovations

The winning ideas span across products and services, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the event. The overall winner, Debt Detonators, came up with a debt management platform idea, while the best customer experience winner, Let’s Duo, found a smart way to target the new growing market of freelancers. The Scanning Team, winner of the best technical solution award, created a prototype of a feature which would make it even easier for our customers to pay their bills. Last but not least, the audience awarded The Marketeers, who proposed a digital guide for car financing.
The participants have been really positive about the event, appreciating the possibility to spend time working on their own ideas and are now looking forward to taking their concepts beyond the hackathon:
"In our cross-functional team we developed and refined a new concept for the growing freelance workforce. It was such a great experience to show how Nordea could deliver value to the segment by utilising our existing design system and technology.” said Julie Bang, from the Let’s duo team.

The event was digital and the teams participated via video calls. Here are some of the ideas presented.

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DigiHack is a recurring annual event organised by One Digital. The first event held in September 2021 had in total 70 participants, 14 teams, 9 jury members and 6 mentors. Four teams were awarded with prizes as a special thank you for their contribution to the event.

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