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Giving sustainable advice

Every customer is unique. We firmly believe that we must fully understand our customers’ individual needs and ambitions before offering them any service, advice or product. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have all the information they need to make decisions about their finances. 

Whenever we develop a new product, we follow a stringent process to ensure it is described fully and accurately and sold responsibly.

With respect to advice in our Sustainability Policy (pdf, 280 KB) we commit to: 

  • enhancing our competence and knowledge regarding environmental, social and governance aspects of relevance to advice in relation to our products and services.
  • improving our advice in a way that enables our customers to make informed decisions on environmental, social and governance aspects of relevance to our products and services, and being transparent in such aspects.
  • increasing the integration of existing and emerging environmental, social and governance aspects relevant when developing advice related to products and services.

Sustainable products and offering 

We want to direct capital at companies with a sustainable business model and the ability to conduct their business responsibly. On the investment side, we offer our Sustainable Selection including, for instance, our Stars Funds, our Global Climate and Environment Fund and the Sustainable Balanced Funds.  

We have seen an 87% increase in AuM to Sustainable Selection in 2019, which was a result of the launch of 11 new sustainability funds included in Sustainable Selection and also the integration of sustainability into our savings advisory tool.  Our customers are becoming increasingly interested in making sustainable choices and, at the end of the year, 29% of our Nordic household and private banking customers said they were willing to do so, compared to 22% at the beginning of the year. 

On the financing side, sustainability is becoming an increasing part of discussions about future financing opportunities with both corporate and institutional customers as well as with our household customers. We offer both green bonds and sustainability bonds. We issued our own second green bond in 2019 and we also serve as an intermediary between our customers (the issuers) and investors, by helping them to issue, or invest in, green or sustainability bonds through the capital markets.  

We have extended the availability of green loans to corporate customers in all our four Nordic countries and we now also offer sustainability- linked loans. The green mortgages that were made available to our Swedish household customers in 2018 were extended to Finland and Norway in 2019. To satisfy growing demand for sustainable car financing options, Nordea launched green car loans and green car leasing on the Swedish and Danish markets in 2019. The green option is offered to both private and corporate customers. 

Bringing climate into our customers' wallets 

In December 2019, Nordea launched a CO2 tracker, embedded in our digital banking service Nordea Wallet. The CO2 tracker, which is developed in collaboration with Åland Index Solutions, enables our customers to see the approximate CO2 impact from their daily purchases and consumption behaviour when using payment cards.  

The calculation is based on card usage divided into a number of merchant categories such as: car/transport, holiday/travel, restaurants, shopping and groceries.