Struktur for bæredygtighedsledelse

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Our sustainability governance model provides a solid foundation for developing and anchoring sustainability strategy and targets. It ensures that we focus on embedding sustainability into the business by implementing decisions in the relevant business areas. All our units have different roles to play and duties regarding how to support the implementation.

At Board level, the Board Operations and Sustainability Committee assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities concerning sustainability, operations/ systems and operational resilience including cyber resilience, as well as related frameworks and processes.

Our governance structure encompasses a monitoring function – the Business Ethics and Values Committee – that reviews relevant Group Internal Rules as well as participation in and exit from commitments to sustainability and/or approves external position statements and sector guidelines. This governance structure allows the Board, relevant management committees and senior management to integrate climate-related risks and opportunities and other sustainability issues into decision-making and business processes.

Each business area and group function is represented in the Sustainability Committee. The committee prepares sustainability issues related to policies, guidelines and strategy, which the business areas and group functions are then responsible for implementing in the business.