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06-12-2021 09:54

5 recruiting tips for graduate candidates

Building a career in a large financial institution is a challenge many up and coming talents face as soon as they complete their degree. The task becomes easier if one can count on the support of colleagues and mentors, a career journey that includes rotations, clear learning objectives and meaningful assignments to.

Each year in September, the a batch of excited and highly skilled participants of the Nordea Graduate Programme kick off their career to understand the banking and develop within Nordea. What advice can we share with candidates who are interested in joining the Programme? We’ve asked Mahrukh Salman Khan, Graduate Recruiter and Mette Viddal Øi, Management Partner and previous Graduate to share their experience with candidates interested in joining the programme.

Mette Viddal Øi and Mahrukh Salman Khan.
If you are invited to an interview, you are a potential candidate for the position, but professional experience, school and grades aren’t everything.

Mette Viddal Øi, Management partner.

1. Focus on the details

Submitting an error-free application is just as important as taking the time to prepare for the next stages of the candidate assessment (i.e. ability tests, live interviews with the hiring leader).

"A well-thought out CV helps the recruiters identify the candidates whose experience and skillsets match our programme requirements on a preliminary level. For example, to be eligible, candidates are required to have less than 2 years of previous professional experience. It is also worth to mention expected graduation date.” says Mahrukh.

2. Make it clear why you are a match

As a candidate one might wonder why they are asked certain questions during various stages of their recruitment process. It’s always great to see that the candidate has done their research on the company and is able to communicate their ideas and sentiments regarding our values and products sharing clear examples explaining why they are a match.

One of the goals set for the hiring team is to understand if you are the right fit for our organisation and learn about your motivations: why do you want to work at Nordea and what are your aspirations in the organisation? We want to see how you imagine your future here.’ adds Mette.

3. Preparation is key

It is worth to take your time throughout the different stages of the recruitment process. It is expected by the hiring team as well as gives one an advantage.

One piece of advice I can share with the candidates is to allocate the time you need for your tests so you can complete them without being disturbed. This way you can really focus on better understanding the questions you are asked both in your tests as well as your interview.” assures Mahrukh.

You don’t need to worry about being nervous during your interviews – We want you to do your best and it may help to prepare to talk about a few examples from your CV and bring a copy of your resume with you to the interview.

4. It is all about the people

Here at Nordea we have a very collaborative work environment and a lot of our work is focused on interactions with people. You can expect various opportunities for collaboration with colleagues across the whole company which is why in the recruitment process we pay so much attention to the soft skills.

“Any previous experience that required cooperation and team work will be relevant to discuss in your interviews and the hiring teams would be interested to hear about them or examples on how your values come to live!” suggests Mette.

5. Share what makes you stand out

Nordea is a diverse workplace, we embrace our differences as our strength. Do you have gaps in your resume? Perhaps you spent a year abroad or pursued a professional career in sports – it’s very interesting to hear what you are passionate about. Your passion is you and we would like to learn more!

During your interviews, be prepared to talk about yourself. If you are invited to an interview, you are a potential candidate for the position, but professional experience, school and grades aren’t everything. We believe we can discover your potential by getting to know you as a person.” says Mette.

Programme starts next year

If you are interested in applying for the Nordea Graduate Programme starting in September 2022, head to our vacant positions page to learn more about the offered positions and apply according to the deadlines suggested in the job adverts.

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