08-06-2022 12:26

Vibrant, inclusive and lots of fun: Nordea proudly partners with Pride

Again this summer Nordea partners with Pride, and already now many volunteers from Nordea are preparing activities and parades. Colleagues from all over Nordea will march under the Nordea flag, not only to celebrate diversity but also to send an important signal that Nordea is an inclusive workplace. 
Two friends enjoying Pride parade

In a few weeks, the first Pride celebrations will take place. One of the participants from Nordea is Caelum Davies, who is working with financial crime prevention in Helsinki in Finland. He doesn’t want to miss the chance to stand up for a cause close to his heart.   

For him, Pride is not only about celebrating diversity – it’s also about letting the world know that we should all, regardless of gender, identity, sexual orientation or any other traits, be welcome and respected for whom we are. 

Caelum Davies is leading the Finnish Employee Resource Group for LGBT+ and Allies. 

“I feel proud that Nordea is taking the step to continue the partnership. For me, it’s essential that my workplace is active and engaged in diversity and inclusion. It means the world to me that I can be myself and openly tell my colleagues that I’m gay,” says Caelum Davies, who is leading the Finnish Employee Resource Group for LGBT+ and Allies. 

Caelum Davies came out when he was 14 and was fairly lucky with his experience. His family and friends were supportive. The story of other people coming out is sadly often another case where many obstacles and resistance from both family and society can be the reality.  

“So many are struggling with coming out or not having a supportive family or workplace. We now and then get hateful and hurtful comments, and violence is something that we can experience. I myself was threatened with a knife because I’m gay. Even though we have achieved a lot, there’s still some way to go. With Pride we can together put focus on an important agenda and hopefully break down the remaining discrimination,” says Caelum Davies.

Christina Gadeberg, Chief People Officer and Head of Group People. 

Pride brings Nordea together 

After two years of coronavirus and digital celebration of Pride, we are happy again to be able to join Pride live in the countries where we operate: Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden* and the US. Across Nordea, employees and leaders will participate in the parades and there will also be local activities to raise the importance of an inclusive and diverse workplace. 

“For me, Pride is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what we believe in: that a diverse and inclusive workplace is the way to succeed. There is still room for improvement and we should constantly contribute to an even more equal, diverse and inclusive workplace. I will encourage everyone who has the possibility to participate in a vibrant, fun and inclusive day,” says Christina Gadeberg, Chief People Officer and Head of Group People.

Read more in the article: “Diversity and inclusion is a natural part of our daily work”. 

* In Sweden the partnership contract is about to be signed.   


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