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Policies & sector guidelines

Framework for responsible development

In relation to our customers, Nordea’s Code of Conduct is the central document guiding and governing our financing operations together with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles on financing, investing and advising. This can be found in our sustainability policy.

Our principles guide our conduct in our daily work and our business decisions. We take them and all other relevant environmental, social and governance principles into consideration when evaluating business risks and opportunities. We also expect our business partners and suppliers to adhere to these principles. 

Position statements and sector guidelines

Our position statements and guidelines provide guidance and principles in relation to different themes or sectors for dealing with both business opportunities and risk reduction. Nordea recognises potential negative environmental and social impacts and expects clients and investee companies to meet high standards in managing such risks. 

Our stated expectations describe what Nordea considers to be best practice, and should be seen as guidance for companies in areas where such issues are considered material.  
The guidelines also provide information on the requirements and thresholds that we apply to different sectors in addition to compliance with national laws and regulations.