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We have taken our commitment to a structured and integrated approach to sustainability forward by developing group-wide CSR focus areas at the core of our business. These focus areas are based on extensive materiality analysis with the emphasis on creating a more measurable and accountable performance.

Society Customers People Suppliers All stakeholders Society

Focus area: Compliance

Activity: Compliance culture programme 
Measurement: Implementation of activities related to the programme decisions 

Activity: Operational Risk & Compliance Awareness Programme   
Measurement: Implementation of activities related to the programme decisions

Activity: Strengthening the ‘Raising your concern’ process    
Measurement: Implementing a revised 'Raising your concern' – mechanism

Activity: Work against Anti-money laundering
Measurement: Enhancing monitoring and reporting

Activity: Work against Counter terrorist financing
Measurement: Enhancing monitoring and reporting

Activity: Work against Sanctions risk management
Measurement: Enhancing monitoring and reporting

Activity: Work against Anti-bribery & corruption
Measurement: Enhancing monitoring and reporting

Focus area: Community involvement

Activity: Supporting financial education, entrepreneurship and employment possibilities for young people
Measurement: Activities and partnerships to support our communities

Activity: Introduce structured reporting on community investment
Measurement: Reporting on community investment

Focus area: Environmental footprint

Activity: Decrease our own footprint according to our EcoFootprint programme
Measurement: EcoFootprint KPI’s


Focus area: Responsible lending

Activity: Develop new ESG tools and processes for corporate customers 
Measurement: New ESG tool created & tested

Focus area: Holistic advice

Activity: Providing advice and services based on knowing our customers and understanding their needs & preferences
Measurement: Customer satisfaction

Focus area: Accessibility

Activity: Increasing choice & flexiblity in how the customers can interact with us
Measurement: 24/7 availability to banking serviceS

Focus area: Responsible investments

Activity: Addressing ESG aspects in our evaluation of and dialogue with companies cross all assets under management
Measurement: Be preferred choice for clients when they select supplier of RI fundS

Activity: Implement Responsibility declaration for all funds managed by Nordea Asset Management 
Measurement: Responsibility Declaration implemented for all fundS


Focus area: Leadership & talent management

Activity: Competence development 
Measurement: Employee satisfaction & motivation

Activity: Developing leadership competences  
Measurement: Employee satisfaction & motivation

Focus area: Strong performance culture

Activity: Talent development in daily leadership
Measurement: % of employees who have been in PDD

Focus area: Diversity

Activity: Increase number of women in managerial positions
Measurement: Number of women in management positions


Focus area: Responsible procurement

Activity: Create new framework and segmentation model for supplier management
Measurement : Implementation of new supplier framework and segmentation model

Activity: Create new framework and segmentation model for supplier management 
Measurement: Responsible procurement manager appointed

Focus area: ESG awareness and engagement

Activity: Increase ESG awareness and engagement with suppliers
Measurement 1: Supplier self-assessment questionnaire
Measurement 2: On-spot CSR reviews
Measurement 3: Awareness training sessions for employees
Measurement 4: Presence in industry events & active communication

All stakeholders

Focus area: Economic performance

Activity: Generate direct economic value for stakeholders
Measurement 1: Taxes 
Measurement 2: Total shareholder return 

Focus area: Indirect economic impacts

Activity: Create value for stakeholders
Measurement 1: Salaries  
Measurement 2: Supplier payments
Measurement 3: Community investment