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Our products with sustainable focus


To support our customers in addressing climate change and other sustainability issues in their financing, Nordea offers a range of sustainable finance products and services. 

Being committed to meet the needs of our customers’ respective needs and levels of maturity, we offer products and services that are geared towards both our household customers and our corporate and institutional customers. 

Our green financing products follow the criteria of the Nordea Green Funding Framework (August 2022) based on the Green Bond Principles published by the International Capital Markets Association.


reduction in financed emissions from business loans, motor vehicle loans and residential real estate between 2019 and 2023.

In total. Figures from Nordea Annual Report 2023.



We offer a variety of investments that focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment process.  To help our customers identify products with a credible sustainability strategy, we have created our own internal framework called Nordea Sustainable Selection, which includes selected SFDR Article 8 and Article 9 products. The range of products will continue to develop and grow as the market matures and to meet new customer demands.

Guiding you to an investment with a sustainable focus

Nordea's Sustainable Selection helps you find products that we have assessed and selected based on our rigorous ESG criteria. We asses both the products and the product managers behind them. 

Examples of things we look at in our assessment for Nordea Sustainable Selection are: ​

  • Sustainability factors (ESG) are an integrated part in the investment process. 
  • Controversial companies and companies working against sustainable development, are excluded. For example: tobacco, gambling and pornography.
  • Product managers are active in using their power to influence the companies they invest in to move towards a more sustainable direction. 

Nordea Sustainable Selection funds focus on investing in companies that apply sustainable business practices. However, there is also a need to support companies that have not yet come as far in their sustainable journey, but where we see a potential to improve. Therefore we also offer funds that focus on selecting companies based on their potential to become more sustainable over time. These funds have active ownership at the core of the investment process, including company engagements and voting at general meetings to promote sustainability. We call this category of funds Nordea Sustainable Selection Improve.

Nordea Sustainable Selection

In this document we describe the requirements on providers and products for our most sustainable offering in savings and investment products: Nordea Sustainable Selection.  We also set out the requirements for our offering with focus on active ownership to influence companies to be more sustainable over time: Nordea Sustainable Selection Improve.

The choices that can matter

Green corporate loans

Green corporate loans are used to finance specific investments with environmental benefits and enable our corporate customers to address climate change in their financing. In our green loans, the entire financing chain is green; that is to say, we use sustainable market funding, the proceeds of which are earmarked for green lending.

Mortgages for special houses 

This mortgage is for customers who live in climate-smart homes that fulfil criteria relating to energy classification of buildings in the countries where we offer this special loan category. These mortgages are aligned with the European initiative’s definition for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM).

Sustainability-enhanced pensions

Pension savings are long-term investments aimed at creating a better future for the individual, and are therefore well-suited to having a sustainable focus. Sustainability-enhanced pensions consist for instance of sustainability-enhanced funds – such as the Stars Funds – or direct investments in private equity and real estate. 

Different bonds

Sustainable bonds – i.e. green, social and sustainability bonds – are any type of bond instrument with proceeds earmarked for eligible environmental and/ or social projects.
We work with green and sustainable bonds in two different ways. Firstly, we issue our own green bonds, the proceeds of which are earmarked for customer loans with environmental benefits and that mitigate climate change.
The projects are typically aimed at renewable energy, pollution prevention, sustainable water management and sustainable agriculture. Secondly, we serve as the intermediary between our customers as issuers and investors, by helping them to issue, or invest in, green bonds via the capital markets.
Our sustainable funding framework you can read more about here. 

Funds with sustainable focus

We have created several funds with a special focus in sustainability – for example the Stars Funds and the Global Climate and Environment Fund. The Stars Funds are a set of funds with handpicked companies that, in our opinion, have well-managed ESG profiles. The selection is made through a combination of ESG analysis, company dialogues, thematic research, engagement and field trips. The Global Climate and Environment Fund invests in companies which, through their climate solutions, are changing the world for the better. It focuses on businesses operating in resource efficiency, environmental protection and alternative energy. Look into each country site and look at our fund lists DK, FI, NO, SE.  

Car loans and leasing

Specific car loans for household customers and green car leasing for corporate customers are offered for financing cars that run 100% on electricity.

Explore what we offer in your country

Giving sustainable advice

All our customers should have all the information they need to make decisions about their finances. We firmly believe that we must fully understand our customers’ individual needs and ambitions before offering them any service, advice or product. Therefore we offer advice. 

In our sustainability policy we commit to:

  • enhancing our competence and knowledge regarding environmental, social and governance aspects of relevance to advice in relation to our products and services.
  • improving our advice in a way that enables our customers to make informed decisions on environmental, social and governance aspects of relevance to our products and services, and being transparent in such aspects.
  • increasing the integration of existing and emerging environmental, social and governance aspects relevant when developing advice related to products and services.


We also have special teams that offer advice for our customers in large corporate and institution. 

Our advisory team for customers from large corporates


of advised customers expressed that they have sustainability preferences, during 2023. 

Customers’ preferences were addressed 370 000 times where in 160 000 cases the customer expressed a preference to consider their investments’ negative or positive impact to the environment and society.