Our symbol for sustainable choices

Our sustainability symbol called Sustainable Choice makes it easier to identify and select from Nordea’s sustainable offerings.  

We see a growing need and desire from our customers to be able to make sustainable choices for their finances. Sustainable Choice is Nordea’s symbol for our sustainability offerings and we are putting extra focus on sustainability so that you can make a difference for your finances, and for a greater good. The Sustainable Choice symbol highlights sustainable products and when you see the symbol you can expect that the products have a proven level of sustainability, back by Nordea’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. 

Where to find the symbol?

The symbol is being featured on our global and local websites to make it as easy as possible to find our sustainability offering and identify products that could be relevant for your banking needs. Sustainable Choice is being introduced gradually across all business areas so you can expect to see increased use of the symbol on our websites and in other touchpoints. 

Which products qualify as a sustainable choice?

The Sustainable Choice symbol is applied to products with a proven level of sustainability. Products marked with the symbol have been selected based on Nordea’s rigorous ESG criteria. Each product provides more information about the sustainability credentials under the heading ‘Sustainability'. 

Nordea has been a sustainable banking pioneer for over a decade and offers an attractive portfolio of sustainable financial products. The offering includes sustainable financial/lending products, funds and pension products and is continuously being expanded to meet customer, investor and regulatory demands. 

Sustainability is a preferred option for more and more customers. Approximately 30% of total assets managed by Nordea Asset Management are in strictly ESG-themed funds and this proportion is rising rapidly.