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Nordea On Your Mind

Nordea On Your Mind is the flagship publication of Nordea Investment Banking’s Thematics team, which produces research for large corporate and institutional customers.

The research does not contain investment advice and typically covers topics of a strategic and long-term nature, which can affect corporate financial performance.

The themes vary widely, and many are selected from suggestions by customers. Examples include artificial intelligence, wage inflation, M&A, e-commerce, income inequality, ESG, cybersecurity and corporate leverage.


Viktor Sonebäck, Associate, and Johan Trocmé Director at Nordea Thematics


Deep dive into the latest theme

PostNord invests further in e-commerce growth

Coping with explosive parcel volume growth during the pandemic was a challenge for postal services provider PostNord. Having scale was helpful. PostNord CEO Annemarie Gardshol shares the experience and gives us the fulfilment logistics perspective on e-commerce.

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Explore recent themes

2022 publications

Global listed corporates in recent years have persistently been spending less than in the past. In this issue of Nordea on Your Mind, we look at one driver that could turn the trend around and potentially revive capex: sustainability.

As companies seek financing for initiatives that contribute to the green transition, project finance could serve as an important tool, according to the latest Nordea On Your Mind report "Project Finance".

2021 publications

How does a company's choice of capital structure affect its value? Does an overly conservative or overly risky balance sheet hurt valuation? Explore the findings from this report.

Basel IV, or actually finalisation of Basel III, is a major overhaul of global banking regulation. It will change the playing field in banking, particularly for Nordic and European banks. Some of the biggest changes should be in lending to corporates. How can borrowers prepare and mitigate the impact?

In recent years, ESG has rapidly gone from being seen as a niche investment philosophy to a business necessity. In this report "ESG: Reaping the rewards", Nordea Thematics delves into the role of ESG ratings and their relationship to companies' financial performance.

Cryptocurrency prices have generally soared in recent years, fueling interest from retail and now some institutional investors. Are cryptocurrencies likely to become a mainstream payment option, and what can corporates do to prepare?

The pandemic sent many professionals to work from their home offices. Now, as vaccination rates rise and new hybrid ways of working take root, companies are reconsidering their needs around office space.

A company's ownership structure can impact its financial performance. So who are the ideal owners? Nordea's Thematics team has crunched the numbers in the latest Nordea On Your Mind report "Ideal Owners".

2020 publications

How do corporate borrowers benefit from having a credit rating? When is it worth the effort and expense?

Nordea's Johan Trocmé, director of Thematic Research, and analyst Viktor Sonebäck take a look at an industry facing its third major shock in only 12 years, with a COVID-19-induced demand collapse adding to sustainability pressures and volatility from oil being used as a geopolitical weapon.

Covid-19 has given an unprecedented shock to the world economy, as lockdowns caused sudden and sharp declines in demand. In the report "Coronavirus: Plan B" we are exploring how well corporates are equipped to face a more challenging 2021 and 2022 if consensus forecasts are too optimistic, and if there is a need for a contingency plan.